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Should vacation rental owners use reviews from their home renters on their vacation home website

In one word, Yes! Of course if your vacation home isn’t what it should be then, you may want to get things right before considering a reviews page for your villa web-site design.  Reviews do a couple of things for you and your vacation rental business.

1st it is a way for you to get feedback from your villa rentals. By asking your clients for their input on their vacation experience on your vacation rental, you get to hear an honest opinion from renters, even though it may be a little hard to swallow. When you open that door you will get the feedback you need to improve your vacation rental homes occupancy. If you address the issues you get back from your guests, you will be making it more likley that your guests, will return back to your vacation home or villa.

People generally don’t like change and most people will not change something that they are very happy with. So we want to find out everything that’s going on with your vacation home the good, bad and the ugly.

Once you are receiving raving reviews about your rental property you can use these reviews in your villa promotion and vacation rental marketing. I would suggest that you keep good communication with your renters during especially during the time until there stay in your vacatation rental is up. Because after you have done so it will be apparent to your guests that their stay in your vacation home or condo was trully important to you and it would only be natural for you to ask for a testimonial.

Be consistant with aksing the guests of your holiday home to participate because the more testimonials you have the better your next renter will feel about renting out your vacation villa.

You should ask your renters to send you an email with their review in it because it will be easier for you to copy the text in their email and add it to your villa website. If you need to add a reviews page to your villas website we can design one for you that will help you get more rentals easier.