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SEO for Vacation Rentals

seo for vacation rentals blog series

Keyword Research VR SEO 101: The Keys To Your Vacation Rental Success

I speak with owners and managers everyday and they are all in different places in their vacation rental businesses. Some owners are well seasoned in their marketing while others are just jumping in.

They all have different needs but they’re usually based around the same principles.

One topic both property managers and owners share an interest in but is still not fully understood by either is search engine optimization. I hope to change that with series thats all about SEO for Vacation Rentals!

I provided a vacation rental consultation for Jacqueline a very lovely woman living and renting out vacation properties to travelers in British Columbia.

I’ve been working with her to design a vacation rental website and helping to get her rental marketing on target.

I’ll be sharing Jacqueline’s progress and updates here shortly. I’m so happy to see how far she has come from the first day we spoke about improving her situation…. she was very intimidated about the whole thing.

In the process of working with Jacqueline I had to explain SEO and how it works because when you’re designing a website you’ve really got to think about SEO in the beginning, not at the end when it’s often too late and much more difficult to make certain changes.

After Jacqueline’s consultation I said to myself…I’ve got to bring the SEO topic to the blogs and open up a forum for owners and managers to discuss and learn more about search engine optimization.

Now you can begin to take advantage of the benefits of search engine optimization in your own VR marketing.

I figured there had to be more owners just like Jacqueline who want to maximize their booking income but don’t fully understand SEO and how they can effectively market their vacation rentals using SEO strategies.

In order for you to fully understand search engine optimization we have to start at the beginning, and keywords are your keys to getting started with SEO.

Moving forward I’ll be releasing one tip every week specifically about SEO or keywords. If you haven’t joined our newsletter what are you waiting for! Do it already – and never miss a helpful tip again.

We’ll get into the subject matter of SEO for vacation rentals deeper as we move along.. transitioning from beginner to expert. Now, let’s get things started and please comment or ask questions.


What Are Keywords? Keywords Introduction

how to select the best keyword for vacation rentals

Keywords are what people type into search engines like,, and to find what they’re looking for online.

But in order to unlock the power of keywords for your vacation rental marketing you’ll have to know what keywords will work for your specific niche/business. Now that’s the tough part…. but don’t worry, you’ll get the insight you need in this series.

The science behind keywords is research. If you want travelers to find you, then you have to find the keywords travelers are using when searching for a property like yours.

Keyword research means you’re researching the keywords that your potential renters might type in when they are trying to find a vacation rental or accommodations that are similar to yours.

For example, if your vacation home was in Arizona, a potential renter might type

in “rental homes in Arizona” or “vacation rentals in Arizona”.

There are many things to consider when determining what will be the best keywords for your vacation rental advertising campaign.

You’ll need to think about things like, what’s the competition for those keywords, how much traffic can they generate, keyword relevance and your geographic target.

You’ll also want to know the “cost per click” (I’ll explain more about CPC and Google Adwords further in this series) for those keywords.

Keyword research done properly will reveal certain keywords that can bring you bookings with little to no competition for those keywords and we’ll reveal how you can expose these keywords for yourself.

I’ve consulted for hundreds of owners and I’ve seen what happens when they’re told to research keywords on their own…. they often think they researched the right keywords but end up being way off base and they waste their time, money and effort!

That’s why I’m going to teach you how to find the right keywords first, before sending you off to do it on your own.

What To Know What Keywords Work Best? Stay Tuned For The Next One.

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    Can you help? blog link:…blog link below:

    • Jay William says:

      Hi I am going to to create a blog about this for you this week to see if there are enough owners and property managers interested in this topic and if so we can see whats the next step to offer some help.

      I will create a place here where owners and managers like yourself can have a voice and if there is a big turnout we will help any way we can. Lets move this conversation there, keep an eye out for this post better yet sign up for the newsletter. Spread the word about it.

    • Jay William says:

      Check out the most recent the Co Founder of HomeAway Away is listening and commenting on this topic

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