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Get More Rental Bookings By Getting Rid Of Your Booking Calendar

It is just frustrating to lose clients simply because of booking overlaps.  In spite of holiday home marketing and advertising of vacation homes, voids and overlaps happens.  Likewise, it is just annoying to lose profit because there’s no one renting your property.  Here is a surprising realization I had when I decided to remove the availability calendar in my own website – I actually reduced voids and overlaps in the booking schedule.

So what’s the secret behind vacation home advertising minus the calendar?  You get to actually talk and offer suggestions to your clients.  Many owners of holiday homes are afraid to ask their clients to make changes in their vacation schedules.  But what’s surprising, many are willing to do so IF YOUR PLAY IT RIGHT.  This is where your salesmanship skills come in!  By offering discounted rates or other deals you can actually convince clients to make adjustments.

Whether it’s arriving a little early or perhaps arriving a little later, clients are willing to compromise.  Here’s a secret:  most if not all vacationers will look for accommodations first before actually reserving or booking their transportation.  So by giving them a better, you can get them to agree with your available dates.

There are times when you have to provide your clients something so that you can actually profit more.  By being flexible with the way you manage your vacation home rental business, you can profit more.  You can do this without booking calendars that oftentimes prevent clients from booking your property.

In retrospect, providing tools like the booking calendar to clients can help them make their decision whether to choose you or not.  But this removes your ability to actually convince the client to book your property.  If they see that the condos or vacation homes are not available, they will simply look for another.  On the other hand, by removing the calendar, you give your property a chance of being booked with a little salesmanship skill.

In the end, what matters most for owners of holiday homes is to get their property rented.  Employing the right strategy is really important.  However, there are times when what seems to be a totally bad idea – removing the booking calendar, is actually the best course of action.

Remove the voids and overlaps by allowing your clients to talk and communicate with you.

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