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vacation rental owners and managers are sales people

This is the beginning of my “Super Successful Selling Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales Series”. In this series I will show you how to use human behavior, psychology, sales strategies and proven techniques to tap into the subconscious brain of your vacationers and motivate them to book with you. In order for you to use these secret selling techniques you’ll need to first acknowledge that you are a salesperson.

A Vacation Rental Owner Is A Salesman

Whether you accept it or not you are a sales person! If you reject this fact it doesn’t mean you’re not a salesperson, it just means you stink at being one. Or maybe it’s that you’re so good at selling, you’ve sold yourself on the idea, you’re not a salesperson.

I can hear some of you now “I don’t have to sell people”, “I only offer help”, I would say to you….. you’re still selling! It’s just called “relationship selling”. Relationship selling is one of the strongest selling strategies in the salesman handbook (I will discuss relationship selling in more detail later on in this series).

You might also say, “Jay, I don’t sell anything”, if  that’s you, you’re lying to yourself. Think about it and for a moment look beyond business and look at your personal, everyday life, you are always either selling something or being sold something.

As a husband and a father of 3, I am being sold stuff every day by my wife and kids and they’ve gotten pretty good at it. I’ve just learned how to sell them too, so it balances out (smiling). Fellas, you can use my persuasion techniques to justify that large purchase to your wife.

Ladies, you can use these techniques to get your significant other to buy you a fantastic anniversary gift, instead of just an OK one.

Single? Use my persuasion techniques to ask your employer for a raise. Seriously, these selling strategies will not only help your vacation rental or travel business but it will help every aspect of your personal life. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t benefit from learning the power pf persuasion and psychology.

Why You Need To Embrace Your Inner Salesman?

Did you know?

Top sales producers outperform average producers by 2:1, and low producers by 10:1. Become a top seller and you’ll significantly outperform other owners and management companies! Sales training is the stuff that makes Winners!

You cannot effectively move forward in your sales and marketing training unless you understand that your business is dependant on your selling and persuasion skills.

Sales People Make The World Go Round

Salespeople move economies, keep people employed, provide enjoyment, save lives, create growth and solve problems. You might be thinking “salespeople saves lives…realy??”  A life saving device needs to be sold then bought before it can save a single person, so yes, salespeople help to save lives! So be proud to be a salesman. 

Sales People Create Value

Products need to be sold to someone before there is a true value added to that product, so everything you see that has value was because someone “sold” it.  Real estate markets are based on what the other real estate agents (salesmen) sold the last property for.

Who gives value to everything? Who keeps the worlds economy turning? The professional sales man or woman, that is who!

There are many levels, closing techniques and approaches to selling. Many of these sales techniques use the power of psychology and I am going to break them down on my next posts, so stay tuned.

3 Tips To Takeaway

1. Become a student grasshopper! If you study your craft I can honestly guarantee you will make more bookings for your vacation rental leveraging these techniques in your marketing.

2. Master 3 to 5 closing and psychology techniques! I will reveal over 25 closing techniques, so watch out for them by subscribing to our blog. Just grab on to a few you feel comfortable with and master those first.

3. Practice Practice Practice! Practice makes perfect, learn the techniques and then try them on your customers. Don’t worry If you mess up, they will likely never even notice.

Welcome To The World Of Selling!