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Get More New Business From Your Existing Rental Clients

There is a great source of villa bookings that many owners of holiday homes never really consider.  They’ve seen your rental property, you’ve transacted with them before and more importantly, they rented your vacation property.  Yes, these are people who have rented your holiday homes.  This may come as a surprise but many people in the vacation rentals business forget that previous rental clients are a good source of new bookings.  Just ask yourself if you ever tried calling up your previous rental clients.  Chances are you have not.  It’s about time that you do lest they’ll simply look for another place to rent.

There is value in doing repeat business.  First of all, these vacationers already know you and your vacation homes.  Though marketing holiday homes is important, there is practically less effort with this particular group. Why, they already got a taste of your rental advertising before.  But of course a little refresher and some updates are needed.  Another important aspect of repeat business is creating a stronger relationship between you and clients.  In a sense, you are strengthening the trust that they have in you.  Creating repeat business is actually the foundation of creating loyal customers.

Don’t believe the misconception that vacationers don’t want to go back to places they have visited before.  There is a trend now that people go on breaks several times in a year.  Though shorter, they still take the time to have a break.  It is these people whom you’ve provided space before that are looking for a place to stay once more.  With the amount of rental advertising, it is easy for them to skip your vacation home advertising.  So instead of losing them to another holiday home owner, you might as well contact them yourself.

Repeat rental business is a good sign that you are providing the best option for your villa’s clients.  But don’t leave this to chance.  Scour through your records and initiate contact with your clients.  Even if they do not require any accommodations at that time, at least you get the chance to remind them of your property.  Sometimes the best vacation rental advertising is one that is simple and straight forward.  Be the one to look for them and contact them.  It’s simple; you have their number in your records.

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