Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets e-Book


This book is a straight forward road map to vacation rental marketing and investment home ownership.


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“150 Pages of Insider Secrets & Tips”

The Best Vacation Rental Marketing e-Book on the Market!

  • 9 ways to create synergy with your property manager.
  • Best 9 players to have on your team, so you can win the game.
  • The one principle to always consider if you want to run a successful rental business.
  • 5 key elements to a successful online holiday home marketing plan.
  • One question every rental owner should know: how much should I spend on marketing?
  • The 10 keys to kill your competition using keywords.
  • How to get a free $75 advertising credit for search engine marketing.
  • Top 18 tips to dominate the Internet using your domain name.
  • 1 well known way to outrank your competitor on Google that most home owners ignore.
  • 18 video marketing tips to make your video go viral and make competitors sick.
  • 25 website design strategies (just 2 can increase inquires by 80%).
  • A free trick to make your rental website compatible for mobile devices.
  • One tip to increase rental sales and reduce your cancellations.
  • Uncover how to speak to a renter’s subconscious and get them to book without saying a word.
  • Revealed SEO (search engine optimization) trade secrets worth their weight in gold.
  • A powerful tool to explode your rental marketing and cut the time to post ads by 72%.
  • A dirt cheap way to showcase your listing for one penny per day.
  • Want to attract Canadian renters, eh? A single step to reach 1 out of 3 Canadians for free.
  • How to conquer Craigslist and quadruple your rental exposure in half the time.
  • Get a second listing on Google and make it easier for renters to find you.
  • One free site your home is probably not on but should be.
  • How to get your place booked using Facebook.
  • Twitter’s top tips for turning tweets to profits.
  • 2 vacation rental listings for $0, both done in 10 minutes.
  • 6 ways to neutralize negative reviews on any website.
  • 12 simple do’s and don’ts of social marketing guaranteed to work.
  • 1 creative way to get travelers willing to help you with your social marketing.
  • Advertise on 32 social networks in less than 60 seconds.
  • How to turn weak seasons into peak seasons.
  • 13 ideas to use the compelling power of “free” in your rental marketing.
  • New ways to use old school business cards to impact your advertising offline AND online.
  • 30 tips to answer your inquiries better and close more bookings.
  • 13 furnishing techniques to make your property much more marketable.
  • Free tool to communicate with up to 2,000 renters 6 times a month.
  • Discover a source of bookings many holiday homeowners never really consider.
  • 11 things to maintain that will attract and appeal to investors, just in case you ever sell.
  • Over 100 professional sales techniques exposed to make more renters say YES!
  • And many, many more secrets and free resources inside.