Powerful Vacation Rental Email Marketing Tool





When travelers visit your vacation rental website, many of them just won’t inquire about booking a stay with you. Now, with this email marketing tool, you’ll give them a reason to reach out to you.

This is one of those vacation rental marketing tools that gets me really excited, because I know the power it possesses. Without this tool, your email marketing and vacation rental inquiries will not reach their full potential. I’m certain of it!

Why use this marketing tool for your vacation rental?

Increase contact: This email marketing tool can increase guest contact by more than 534%.

Little work on your end: It’s one of those marketing tools that works without you having to do much at all. Once it has been installed into your website, you almost forget it’s there – at least until the leads come in. That’s when you realize, “I love this email marketing tool!”

What is this email marketing tool?

Let’s say you put together a free Insider’s Guide that you can give away (Insider’s Guide found here). The Travel Guide consists of tips, discounts, and recommendations of things to do and places to visit. 

This information will enhance the traveler’s experience and save them time, money, and research. They will want your great insider tips! Why? Because it’s valuable to them, and you’ll be happy to give it to them… in exchange for their email, of course.

This is where you get your leads. They will gladly give you their email address if you’ve created a really enticing offer.

Follow Up with Leads

You can follow up with people who’ve requested your Insider’s Guide because anyone downloading your guide is likely traveling to the area of your property.

This is working bookings from a different angle than most owners are doing. They rely on listings; you rely on your amazing marketing tools!

You’ll notice results almost immediately! Plus, you can use this vacation rental email marketing tool on any website.

Order this deal today and we’ll install it and take care of everything for you.

Some details:

  • It will take approximately 5 to 7 days to install from the day you place your order.
  • We fully support this product and will update this software automatically for you.
  • We will also host it for you to make sure your website runs fast. There is a monthly support and hosting charge of $3.75.