Secret Traveler’s Guide



Offer your travelers all your best-kept secrets to staying at your vacation rental. This “insider” information helps them have a great time while they are staying at your rental.

Let them know things like:

  • The best restaurants in town
  • What places to avoid
  • Information about business owners
  • Your area’s best attractions
  • Coupons for local businesses

Everything you want to know when you take a vacation, tell them!

You can offer this Secret Traveler’s Guide to your travelers in a number of different ways, but we recommend combining it with our Inquiry Increaser deal: when visitors are on your website, they will get an offer to receive your Secret Traveler’s Guide for free, simply by providing you with their name and email address. They get the free download full of insider information, while you get to follow up on these leads by adding them to your emailing list and offering them more information or special promotions. It also increases your web traffic (because who doesn’t want to know the secrets to having a great vacation in your city?).

Get your own Secret Traveler’s Guide today and stand out from the competition.