THE BREAKAWAY KIT! The First Independence LSI Tool Kit – How To Get Bookings Without Listing Sites


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The vacation rental industry is being taken over by large listing sites and corporations. These companies want to control your business.

They’re digging deep in your pockets with padded commissions, booking charges, and processing fees.

They won’t let you run your business under your terms anymore! They want to control your communication with guests.

They hide your listings from travelers if you don’t follow their rules. Their approach has been highly aggressive.

They’re continuing to tighten the grips on our small businesses. We need to protect our investments and do something about it!

Never before have we experienced such a disruptive environment in the VR marketplace. And if the past is an indicator of the future, there’s more trouble ahead for us.

We’re in a state of emergency and I’m sounding the alarm. I hope owners and managers adhere to the warnings before the changes take their toll.

It’s time to break the glass, this is an emergency! We’re busting open the emergency vacation rental survival kit. It’s called “The Breakaway Kit” and I’m giving you access to it today. This kit is designed to help you claim your independence and create a safety net for your investments.

Get Your Vacation Rental Listing Site Independence Kit Now.