Keyword Research For Vacation Rental Owners & Managers



Keyword research is the foundation of any online vacation rental advertising plan. The reason keyword research is so important for your vacation rental business is because keywords are what links your vacation rental site to travelers and customers.

Keywords are the terms that a traveler would type into Google when looking for a vacation rental like yours. What are travelers who are looking for your rental typing in? If you knew, it would greatly help the success of your vacation rental’s advertising campaign.

How so?

Google is the Great Match Maker!

Google’s job is to match people with what they’ve been looking for.

If you were able to uncover the very specific keywords your traveler would type in, you can use those keywords and leverage them in your rental advertising. If you include those keywords in your vacation rental listing descriptions, Craigslist ads, vacation rental websites, press releases, and videos, you will drive travelers to your property.

Selecting the best keywords to use in your vacation home marketing is not as easy as you might think. There are many things you must take into account when putting together your “secret sauce.” I call it that because this is better than that secret recipe of your grandmother’s (no offense to grandma). This secret recipe will keep people coming to your site again and again looking for more.

The keywords are the bread and butter of your business. The problem is, most vacation rental owners and even professional managers get it wrong. They think the most popular keywords are the best to go after. This is one reason why most fail miserably in their keyword research.

In order to open the flood gates with your keywords, you’ll need to consider the competition of your chosen keywords and how much would be required from you to compete for those keywords.

When you use the proper keywords, you don’t have to compete or spend as much. If you focus your vacation rental advertising around specific niche keywords, you can reduce competition and gain profits by laser focusing your marketing on very specific keywords that have less competition and will yield a higher return.

  • We will provide keyword research for up to 8 website pages with a maximum of 3 to 5 keywords per page.
  • We’ll evaluate your listings or each of your website pages to determine which keywords would perform better on any given page.
  • We will reveal the traffic behind the selected keywords to understand their power and why we chose them for you.
  • The process takes approximately 7 to 10 days to conduct a full analysis of keywords.

No matter how you advertise online, you need to know the keywords your travelers are using. Don’t wait any longer to find out!

If you want to optimize your villa website, add the Search Engine Optimization deal to this order and our expert team will get your website on the top of search engines like Google.