Professional Voice Service For Virtual Tours, Videos, & Voicemails



Would your clients pay more to deal with a professional service they can rely on?

Studies show customers will pay more to have a better experience. Let your travelers know that you take your business and their vacation seriously.

A professional voice over can help your professionalism shine through, while at the same time giving your traveler a better experience.

You can use this voice over deal in your virtual tour to walk your potential renters through the property and around the area. Think of it as your virtual salesperson, ready to sell your visitors on booking.

Answer questions and begin the selling process early by highlighting the special features of the rental property that may not have been observed with images alone.

This voice over deal can also be used for videos, answering machines, or voicemails to give your clients the comfort of knowing they are working with a professional outfit.

Have a new feature or product you want your customers to know about? Our professional voice talent will help you sell more easily.

How does it work?

  • Send us a script of what you want our voice talent to say.
  • Select from male or female voice talent.
  • We’ll create a professional 60-second digital audio file.
  • You will have the completed project within 3 days of sending the script.

A 60-second script should not exceed more than 160 words. If you need more time or have multiple projects, buy a couple of these deals. (For example, if you need a full 3 minutes, buy three 60 second voice overs.)