At Villa Marketers, we take pride in creating exceptional websites for vacation rentals that truly make a difference. We are thrilled to showcase our latest masterpiece,, developed exclusively for the esteemed owners, Marc and Monique Hubert. As proud Canadians, they have ventured into the vacation rental industry and entrusted us to build a website that not only showcases their stunning 6 condos at Cayman Reef Resort in the picturesque Grand Cayman Island but also revolutionizes their booking process.

Our expert team at Villa Marketers has seamlessly integrated the power of Lodgix property management software with the versatility of WordPress to create a website that exceeds all expectations. This innovative combination ensures an automated and streamlined booking experience for guests, allowing them to find, book, and pay for their dream vacation directly through the website.

With WordPress at the core, offers unrivaled flexibility and functionality. The owners, Marc and Monique, can optimize the website for search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring maximum visibility and increased traffic. Through WordPress, they can effortlessly add features such as WhatsApp chat, customized maps of Cayman Reef Resort, Google Maps integration, and a wealth of island information and guest resources. This transforms their website into an invaluable resource for guests, providing them with everything they need to plan their perfect vacation.

Our team’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to perfection is reflected in the glowing testimonial left by Marc and Monique on Google:

“From the first chat with Jay to the end product, I could not be more pleased, impressed, and proud of the product we came up with. I have been in the IT sector for over 25 years and now switching to vacation rentals, and this team knows their stuff. I can confidently say we have one of the best vacation sites on the web. The process is very methodical and walks you through what can be a very daunting task. Broken into smaller pieces and tackled one by one, the team covers everything you need and even pieces you didn’t realize you needed. DJ is an expert in his field. Even when you thought the site was perfect, DJ would find a way to make it better. I am a bit of a perfectionist with details, and any issues I raised were addressed and exceeded expectations. During the process, I changed the scope of the project as I quickly learned DJ’s capabilities, and that change was handled professionally and fairly. Experience and the end product exceeded expectations, I have now engaged VM for a second project.”

The integration of the Lodgix property management software with WordPress showcases our expertise in API integration. By seamlessly merging these two powerful platforms, we have enabled Marc and Monique to harness the full potential of their property information and enhance their website’s capabilities. is the epitome of elegance, functionality, and efficiency. It encapsulates the essence of Marc and Monique’s stunning condos while providing a seamless booking experience for their guests. With increased visibility and enhanced SEO optimization, the website has witnessed a significant boost in Google rankings, driving more traffic and ultimately leading to more bookings.

We are proud to have earned the trust and satisfaction of Marc and Monique Hubert and continue to support them on their journey. Villa Marketers looks forward to creating more exceptional projects and exceeding expectations in the vacation rental industry.

Visit today and embark on a journey of luxury, relaxation, and unforgettable experiences!