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Music Is Your Marketing Mojo!

In the world of sales, we know that selling means to transfer a feeling.

But how do you make someone feel?

Today I’m sharing some marketing mojo that should be music to your ears. 🙂

This information should enhance all areas of your life, not just your vacation rental marketing. We are human and communication is everything!

What is the quickest way to make someone feel an emotion you want them to feel?

Through the awesome hypnotic power of music.

That’s exactly why we need to use music in our vacation rental marketing.

Let’s ponder on how music transfers emotions for a moment.

Have you ever turned a song on and within just a couple of short seconds you felt a boost of adrenaline, joy or excitement from hearing your favorite song?

There is good reason for that since music changes our brain waves. Music is a natural antidepressant.

Think about the iconic songs, “Eye of The Tiger” used in the movie soundtrack Rocky, and “I’m a Survivor.” Think about what those songs do to someone’s psyche. They excite and empower them.

Vice-versa. While music can stir up positive emotions, it is like a two-edged sword that can cause negative or less desirable emotions to emerge.

I remember breaking up with my first girlfriend and every time I heard a song called “Pretty Brown Eyes”, a lump would form in my throat and make my eyes water.

Yes! That is the power of music! And it could’ve also had something to do with puberty… I’m not sure 🙂

Point is, chose your music wisely! 

Interesting fact: In studies where music had inhibiting effect or little or no effect on emotional response, it was probably due to a poor fit between the advertisement and the background music.  (Stout & Rust, l986) (MacInnis & Park, l991)

Music choices should not be based on your favorite music or what you like. They should based on the emotional experience you want it to bring to your target audience.

This is yet another area I highly recommend having counsel to help advise you.

And please, ask at least five people about the music you’re considering before publishing your advertisement.

Music speaks to the soul. It’s the language of emotions and we’ve learned from my other posts that emotions are an important part of the buying process.

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Studies have also shown that music affects buying decisions. Of course that is done through the emotional experiences that music evokes.

It’s been proven that music can increase the amount of money customers spend with an establishment.

That’s part of the reason why we hear music playing in the background of many retail stores.

How Does That Work? The Science Behind Music

Music can flush the body with dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good.

One of the smartest ways to use music in your marketing is in a video of your vacation rental.

How Not To Use Music In Your Marketing

You don’t want to have music embedded within your website. You may have seen this being used before, where you visit a website and music begins to play as soon as the website opens.

I share an example of that in this post.

Paola made the mistake of having a video play automatically without giving you the option to click play. This is something you don’t want to do.

The reason using music like this is a mistake is because studies have shown that people often search online for vacations while they’re at work.

Imagine the boss hearing loud sounds of the steel drum abruptly coming on from your computer. Probably not a good thing. You’ve probably just been busted!

Using music that automatically plays will make people immediately click off of your website in order to silence the loud interruption and save their jobs 🙂

Alternatively,  having music and audio as an option for people to click on to hear is a much better solution to using music on your vacation rental website.

An option to push the play button on an embedded Youtube video helps to let visitors know that audio is likely to be heard.

This allows them to play the video/music when they want to and it keeps your website visitors from getting spooked and leaving your site.

People will hear your music, trust me. Videos are very hard to resist clicking on when people have a genuine interest in the product or service they’re investigating.

That’s one reason why we should all have video presentations of our properties, products, and services.

Click here to see how we did it for Kendall, an owner who generated 300 inquiries organically. 

Just be sure to select the perfect music for your vacation rental video.

I recently had a client ask to use a famous song for their vacation rental video, but I had to advise them of the issues in doing that.

The danger with using a popular song is you are violating copyright laws and it could cause you some legal drama, so avoid it.

YouTube might let you post it but they have a way, something like the Shazam app, where they can identify the artist and song from the sound of the music.

I’ve seen Google mute videos with over a thousand views. This really stinks to have this happen and lose your, once great video.

Use royalty free music only!

Help Them Feel The Culture

When selecting music for vacation rental videos that we create for clients, we like to match up the vacation rental location with the music style of that area.

If the vacation rental is in New Orleans, you may want to consider using Jazz for the music in the property video.

If the vacation rental is in Hawaii you may want to use a tune with a ukulele.

The idea should be to give them a sample of what they could experience. Music is an effective way to give travelers a cultural experience.

Travelers go on vacation to experience the culture when they travel, so you are providing them with what they want even before they book with you. 

I hope you’ve found these tips useful. Now go on, get working on your marketing mojo!

And if you need my help, please reach out to me.

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