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Marketing Your Vacation Rental Amenities

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If you’ve stayed at a Double Tree Hotel you know you’re going to get a warm cookie when you get there. I know my kids love Double Tree because they look forward to that little extra treat. I truly believe that it’s the small things that make all the difference in the world, when it comes to customer satisfaction. Your customer service will make the difference between an ordinary vacation and an extraordinary vacation.


As a vacation rental owner you should see the value in the small things because most of them can be done for free or at a minimal cost. Of course, there are times when a premium product should be provided that’ll cost you a bit more. It’s crucial to know when to upgrade and when it isn’t necessary. Most vacation rental owners don’t even consider how they’ll present an upgrade to their travelers (if they even mention it at all).


A traveler should always know when they’re getting an upgrade, don’t you agree? An upgrade often creates a warm fuzzy feeling in your renters about your brand, hotel or yourself, and that’s what we’re shooting for here. After all who doesn’t want a FREE upgrade or an extra amenity? An upgrade or additional benefit makes travelers feel important, and now the extra money you spent on the upgrade has a real value.


Why Should Owners Offer Upgrades?


1.  Satisfied guests with raving reviews. If you’ve offered additional upgrades and top notch service, you can expect a glowing review for your vacation rental. This is a way to use your upgrades to boost your rental marketing impact.


2. Repeat business. I live in the Orlando area and I have had the chance to vacation in some really great resorts all over Florida. In fact there are a few that I really enjoy on the coast and often revisit. The main reason I revisit is because of the great extra amenities they offer me, and the first class customer service that is provided. It’s that extra touch that makes my experience amazing. If you create a similar experience for your travelers, when its time to take another escape travelers might return to relive the wonderful experience they had at your resort.


3. Perceived value. When you offer your guests upgrades their perception of the hotel, vacation rental and the price they pay changes just a bit.  If you walk into your room and see that there are robes and slippers provided, the value has just raised in the mind of the renter.


Which Upgrades Should A Vacation Rental Owner Offer?

I have put together a shortlist of things to contemplate before choosing the type of upgrade to provide.


1. What is the competition offering? If everyone is offering a service that you aren’t that’ll be perceived as a negative to travel shoppers. In order to even the playing field with your competitors you need to do what they do AND more! Discover areas that other vacation rental owners and managers are ignoring, and then provide a premium service there. Separate yourself from the crowd and define yourself as a premium brand.


2. What would travelers love? Pretend to be taking a trip (be careful you may really be tempted to take one) and go through the hotel and vacation rental websites. Look for what amenities are being offered and what you would enjoy as a traveler. Read reviews from different hotels and rental sites, see what travelers talk about. Then think how you can implement some of them into your vacation rental marketing.


3. What Can You Easily Do? There is no sense in offering an upgrade or an additional amenity if it’s difficult to provide. Think about what you can easily fulfill with little energy from you because most owners have more than enough to do already. If it takes you too long to fulfill don’t do it. Here is where your upgrade can cost you a customer. If you fail to deliver your additional service or product to the traveler on time they will likely be upset about it. Now what you intended for good has been a negative. For example If you offer your clients tickets make sure they get them on time.


4. Keeping your eye on your R.O.I. Don’t think of upgrades as a wasted expense they are an investment you are making in your business. I understand that as an investor you’ll want to make sure you get a return on any amenity you add. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you yell out your amenities as if you had a megaphone.  Your travelers should know that you are providing a product or service that is above the standard; otherwise you waste the money you invested in the upgrade. You should try to give them an idea of the value their getting.


Some of the least expensive upgrades are in the bathroom and shower. As I mentioned earlier you can provide robes for your guests to add that extra touch of luxury. Another very inexpensive amenity you can add is toiletries and bath products. You really should be providing them for your guests anyway. I know some owners are not providing any bath items, not even a single bar of soap, tsk tsk tsk.


Your competition is offering these basic supplies but they usually won’t go beyond providing the minimal basics. This is your chance to shine; you should follow the examples of quality hotels and provide an array of shower products including shower gel, lotion, soaps, shower caps and or razors.


Instead of providing the cheapest shampoo you can find, go for the extra expense of a premium spa brand. The extra cost maybe 10 cents more per bottle but worth the splurge. The point is, go where they aren’t and do what they won’t and you’ll see that renters will take notice. Remember its ok to brag about all the amenities you‘re offering your guests, I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.


It’s always important to consider the R.O.I. of the investment. You must ask yourself will the majority of my guests enjoy and maybe even pay more for this upgrade. These amenities only cost a few cents so they make sense to implement. However when considering larger upgrades that cost more you’ll need to examine the return on that investment. You can sometimes make a bigger impact with several smaller upgrades.


Still not sure what the best low cost amenities are? Here is a list of 9 low cost upgrades to help you boost bookings and create happy customers>>>  9 CHEAP VACATION RENTAL AMENITIES YOU CAN ADD TO ADVERTISEMENTS


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