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Can today’s video help you offset the new HomeAway fees?

Can it help you create a vacation rental offer that separates your property from all the others who aren’t using this?

Will this $3 marketing resource make you thousands in additional booking income?

Does this marketing technique dramatically increase the interest travelers have in renting from you?

Only if you use it…

This is the 3rd video I’ve created designed to help you get more travelers interested in booking your vacation rental, instead of your competitors.

To bring you up to speed, the first video I shared with you was 1 Weird Trick For Meatier Vacation Rental Marketing (Video). In that blog I demonstrated (with bologna) how your marketing is missing “meat.”

The second was How To Create Delicious Vacation Rental Websites AND Marketing (Video). I shared in that segment the two-hundred billion dollar travel sector owners AND managers are not taking full advantage of.

In the video I’m sharing now, I help you tie in the message of the two previous videos and I share one super-cheap way to make your vacation home irresistible to travelers.

Vacation rental owners have shared with me, that the new HomeAway and VRBO traveler fees are affecting their businesses. Owners have shared that travelers are changing their buying behaviors.

One owner of a luxury property shared, that her price is now more than travelers are wanting to spend, due to the new HomeAway booking fee. 

In an effort to offset the new VRBO and HomeAway traveler booking fee, owners and managers are lowering their rates. Have you?  I think this trend is a cause for concern, don’t you?

What if there was another way to offset the new HomeAway booking fees without you having to deeply discount your rentals? 

I hope that today’s video will help ignite ideas on how you can not just offset VRBO booking fees but increase your rental’s value and ultimately increase your bookings. 

Did you like the video? What did you think of the technique? Can this vacation rental marketing tool help you offset bookings fees?

Can it help you raise value and maybe even your rental rates?

Tell me… I’m all ears!


  • Beach Breeze says:

    Hi Jay, I just checked out this video, very good. One important question
    though, you said it is all in the way you present it to your inquirer.
    Can you give an example of how you would present it?

    Thanks, Scott

    • Jay William says:

      Hey Scott, this is a great question. Thanks for posting it. First as I mention in the video I would not refer to them as coupons. I would refer to them as dining certificates or dining vouchers. (I like certificates better)

      You can put this on your listings and or within your communication/emails with the traveler. You can offer more “money” in dining with longer stays.

      Here is an example:

      Book 3 Days With Us and Get $75.00 Dollars In Dining Certificates Free

      Book 5 Days With Us and Get $125.00 Dollars In Dining Certificates Free

      Book 7 Days With Us and Get $250.00 Dollars In Dining Certificates Free

      Scott I have some related videos coming out and I’ll further demonstrate the different techniques of presenting these offers. Be sure to keep an eye for those emails from me. Was this helpful?

      • beachbreeze says:

        Thank you Jay, but don’t these “certificates” have expiration dates? For instance the $3 one that you mentioned. Do you purchase them ahead of time or after someone books? I look forward to the upcoming videos.

        • Jay William says:

          You should purchase them ahead when there is a really good promotion like the one I shared in the video. Take advantage of their promotions and get a little bit of stock on them. They actually do not expire. You can even swap them out for different restaurants fairly easy.

          Here is the cool thing – if a guest does not use the certificate during their travel you can reuse them for another guest. Sometimes they won’t use them all and you can recycle them. Just make sure you share with them the certificates must be used during their stay. I have some in my account I’ve had for a couple of years.

  • Maria Rekrut says:

    Great idea, unfortunately- doesn’t have any restaurants in Niagara Falls.

    • Jay William says:

      Thanks Maria, it really is a great resource and one I’ve used so I know it works. I wish they were available everywhere but that doesn’t get you off the hook Maria 🙂

      I did a quick search and found a food offer on another website in the Niagara Falls area. You can also get promo codes for this site to get these vouchers even cheaper.

      My hope in creating these videos was to get us thinking about how we can offset VRBO fees and make our properties more desirable without dropping our prices ( which I see as a huge problem) is just one way I am presenting to you today but this technique can be done in other ways. Maria I’ll share more tips to create powerful packages that generate bookings! Stay tuned…

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