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One of my clients and friend inspired me to write this blog, thanks Ray! Ray asked me some questions about an idea he had for creating a video for his property management company, he wanted some feedback on an idea he had. His idea was good but it could be made great, with the right approach. However to help him understand where I was coming from on my advice I had to tell him that advertising is dead!


The days of marketing are long gone. We as a society, we as a people have changed therefore so has the way we like to be marketed to. We’re a much smarter people today, treat us like that when you market to us. I say “us” because I am one in the same. I am a consumer and I like the same things as you, at least all the basic things.

Think how you would like to get your marketing messages served to you. Don’t believe the bull, that “people don’t like advertising or marketing in their lives”, we do! We need advertising! How else would we know about the newest thing we didn’t know we needed. We just prefer our marketing served as an appetizer or a dessert included as part of something we really want to enjoy.

Interruption marketing is that old fashion style of marketing (that most are still using) where commercials interrupt your favorite show (grrr I hate that!), loud commercials blaring after you’ve turned up the volume on that song you really like (how embarrassing). Or the huge billboard on the side of the road, trying to interrupt you and get your eyes off the road and onto their snazzy billboard (kinda crazy).

This type of marketing is dead and stinks! If you want to market and advertise your vacation rental, getting larger than average results from what you’re doing, then forget about the old ways of marketing and get with times, kiddo!

Today is a new day and you’ve gotta be different, forget about advertising think… interesting. People are bombarded with advertising. Experts argue that an average person is exposed to “advertising” between 2000 and 15000 times each day. Regardless who’s right the numbers are way out there, advertising has become annoying.

Marketing studies clearly indicate consumers have very little recall of these ads. People block them out and avoid “advertising” like the ebola virus.

The rules of effective marketing have changed. Have you changed the way you approach marketing?

So how do you make your marketing a memorable money making machine?


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