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Imagine this……..


Rent Our Colorado Vacation Rental & Get A Free Bag Of Weed … this may not be too far from the truth of what you’ll begin to see online, in some Colorado vacation rental marketing adverts.


I encourage owners and property managers to develop a niche they can leverage when marketing vacation rentals online. But what if that untapped gold mine of a niche was marijuana? Whether we agree or not with this historic change unfolding in Colorado, “Marijuana Tourism” is a trend that is not likely to go up in smoke.


Marijuana began being sold for recreational use in Colorado as of January 1st 2014, and since then there has been quite a buzz in Colorado. This week potheads have been standing in long lines waiting to get their score of marijuana.


One Colorado weed dispensary said they have people driving in from surrounding states as far as Texas. But the marijuana laws do not allow for public consumption and requires it to be consumed in private.


There are hotels popping up offering pot friendly accommodations in Colorado, such as the Warwick Denver Hotel & The Cliff House Lodge and the demand for marijuana lodging is expected to rise.


There are only about 600 hotels in Denver that are smoke friendly, including those with balconies. The problem is there are way more pot enthusiast coming to Denver than there are hotels available for them. So, inevitably there will be a high demand for marijuana lodging. Especially considering the law requires all consumption to take place in private.


Travelers are actively looking for places to stay while they’re consuming cannabis in Colorado. Here is an excerpt from a Yelp thread that started up the idea of marijuana tourism for Yelpers.


“My wife of 36 years and I would like to visit the Mile High City in the next few weeks. Never been to Colorado but we are looking forward to it. I would like to find a weed friendly motel. And what about to prop 64? When can tourists purchase?” According to many reports the travelers who are coming to Colorado for a marijuana vacation do not fit the “pot head” stereotype, in fact it’s quite the opposite.


Its been said that marijuana tourism could rival Colorado’s multi billion dollar ski industry. There are currently marijuana tours coming to town, they’ll be much like the wine tours of Napa Valley.  There will be marijuana-friendly ski buses to Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain, Winter Park, Eldora, Loveland and Echo Mountain.


A niche market is forming where people will search Google for “marijuana friendly Colorado hotels”, “pot friendly accommodations in Denver” etc..  maybe they’ll even search for……… “marijuana friendly vacation rentals CO”. At the moment there is no real competition in the search engines yet, but expect that to change real soon!!


Ganjapreneurs are highly optimistic for marijuana tourism, and now that it’s sparked, the Mile High City may just be called the “High City”. Washington will also begin allowing the purchase of recreational marijuana soon. Will Washington be the next cannabis city offering weed tourism?


Would you use marijuana in your Colorado vacation rental marketing if it gave you a huge edge? Or will marijuana friendly be the norm?  I’d like to hear your thoughts on using weed to book weeks.


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