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How To Generate More Bookings During Slow Seasons

There is no off season in vacation rental marketing. There are people traveling during the slower seasons you just have play harder to win.

Learn how to play hard and bring your A game all year long!

All across North America children are returning to school and their Summer vacation has come to a close.

These are the times of year that the calendars of holiday rental properties start opening up with vacancies, is the advertising for your holiday rental able to keep you booked?

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Are you one of those holiday home owners that has had some success in attracting high seasons bookings but cant seem to generate enough rental inquiries and bookings in low seasons?

Let me tell you one thing… very few holiday rental owners succeed in getting enough demand during the low seasons.

And it isn’t necessarily because there wouldn’t be enough people interested in booking for low season holidays… but quite often its because holiday home owners try to attract low season renters with the same tactics and marketing messages used for high season ones.

In my case for example, my home is located in a Spanish holiday resort with very mild winters and very warm summers.

Even if the winter climate is quite inviting and would allow a nice tan, it is not hot enough to spend days on the beach in January and February.

Yet, most of the neighbouring investors hope to attract customers by advertising the same features that would be beneficial to summer holidaymakers, such as the close proximity to the beach.

Think about it, if during the winter people cannot really take a splash then the proximity to the coastline is no longer the most attractive factor.

Arguably, it is pretty irrelevant unless you want to attract scuba divers or fishing enthusiasts!

Likewise, I often see adverts that aim to attract winter bookings by promoting the proximity to local attractions and theme parks as a great benefit.

The problem is that often these attractions are not even open during that period.

Therefore, a vital element to consider when marketing a holiday home is that you cannot have a single  generic advertising message working all the time and for all types of renters.

If you want to start making a big difference in the level of bookings you generate then your marketing approach cannot be the same all the time.

You need to be clear on who you are trying to attract before you even attempt to promote your holiday home… and more importantly, adapt your messages accordingly.

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