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“How To” Search Engine Optimization


Welcome to part three of our Vacation Rental SEO series. If you’re just joining this series get brought up to speed by reading our first post Keyword Research SEO 101.

If you’ve caught the first one but missed the second one you can watch it here  “Keywords What Your Marketing Is Missing

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As an owner or property manager you’ve probably heard about keywords but maybe its been like trying to see through a fog when attempting to select the best keywords that don’t suck and fail to deliver the desired return.


You’ve probably read vacation rental marketing blogs where they mention SEO but it’s very brief or too much too fast, further complicating the understanding of SEO.


In order for vacation rental owners and property management companies to truly absorb new information they need to know the details, the who, the why, the how etc.


Once you know how and why things work you can better understand any concept better.


Today I am going to help you by presenting proven practices to help you discover the best keywords for your vacation rental businesses.


Short Tail Keyword Example: Vacation Rental

As you can see from the graph above there are more searches for short tail keywords.

However there is a whole lotta competition for those short tail keywords.

The worst part about using short tail keywords in your vacation rental marketing strategy is that very few of those searches will result in a sale, booking or lead.

Long Tail Keyword Example: Vacation Rental in Newport Beach Ca


Ok, it’s not a secret that there are fewer searches for long tail keywords compared to short tail keywords.

But what is a secret (well until now) is that long tail keywords will convert more website visitors into real bookings.

The reason is that because you’re targeting “long tail keywords” your website and listings appear in Google more often for people/travelers looking for your product.

It’s not about the amount of traffic you get, but the amount of qualified or relevant traffic your vacation rental website receives.

Tip: It’s best to use long tail keywords and not short keyword terms that only consist of one or two words.


Many vacation rental marketers misinterpret the term long tail keywords. Long tail keywords aren’t a bunch of random keywords jammed together.

Long tail keywords are search terms that contain several keywords which better describes the product, in this case we’re talking about vacation rentals.


Long tail keywords are less competitive and more commonly searched for. People have learned how to search better online and their searches have become more specific.


The person searching online is typing in a search term telling Google specific information about what they’re looking for.


People want to narrow down the search results, so they can get the most relevant results in Google.


That’s your opportunity to take your fair share of search engine traffic by targeting long tail keywords that match those specific searches.


Most people search using long tail keywords and if you can tap into the long tail keywords you’ll be able to steal renters right from under the noses of the big guys in your market.


long tail keywords for vr owners

Next Week I’ll be sharing my best piece of advice I can give to the novice owner or property manager who is struggling to get a grip on SEO.

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  • Makes a lot of sense. Thanks. I did an ad campaign on google adwords and the first time was great, but the second and third times were $100 for zero.

    • Jay William says:

      I’m glad that you got something from the video. This strategy can help your Google Adwords campaign. But these tips are not just for Google Adwords, keywords will get your listing seen by more travelers too. Google is all about searching….. and if we know exactly the terms travelers search for we can give a big boost to everything we create for our rentals online.

      Thanks for posting and welcome!

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