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vacation rental managers association jay william speakerI’m sharing a powerful must read article today but it’s not on my website. I’m going to share someone else’s website today (Read on).

I’m now working with yet another industry leader. These folks are well-known for creating great content and for helping small hotel and accommodation owners with their businesses. 

So when they asked me if I’d be interested in a content collaboration, centered around helping their large following of small accommodation owners, I was flattered and delighted to form the alliance.

If you can’t tell, I’ve been working hard with my head down for a while and the success is beginning to surface and show itself much like an Iceberg breaking through the surface.

It really proves to me once again that hard work and unrelenting determination eventually pays you back! Things won’t just happen for you! You have to create your opportunities and never give up on your vision. You are responsible for your own success!

I’m not sure everyone fully understands what it really takes to become successful in anything you’re working towards. When it gets tough you can’t quit! You gotta hang in there no matter what!

I really enjoy this graphic and I believe it tells the truth about the “dark-side” of achieving Vacation Rental Success.

Vacation Rental Success Is Like An Iceberg


My work has gotten a lot of recognition and not just by the top vacation rental organizations. My work is now being showcased and promoted by famous household brand names your grandmother has heard of. That’s when you know you’ve reached a whole-nother level.

I recently announced that I would be a speaker at the 2016 FVRMA conference.

I’ve also shared big news earlier this week about my new Partnership with TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals

Who am I working with now?


Let me introduce you to Little Hotelier. I recently authored an article for them. They’ve just published it on their website. Today I’m sharing this high-quality piece of marketing content with you.

Have You Ever Been Concerned About Getting A Negative Review? We talk about that. In their blog I actually share how a bad review can be good for your reputation. (a must read – it’s super interesting)

I also shared with you The 7 Essential Vacation Rental Marketing Principles You’ll Accept or Else.

In the article I uncover several eye-opening statistics and studies that reveal an area we all need to be very concerned about (especially with Millennials).

Read It Now Here > The 7 Essential Vacation Rental Marketing Principles You’ll Accept or Else.

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