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 Vacation Rental Keywords

The 1 Thing Missing In Your VR Marketing


I’ve created a short SEO video to help simplify this teaching about vacation rental search engine optimization and the best practices to consider when researching vacation rental keywords.

Its a raw unedited audio file so there are a few warts and wrinkles in the audio but I believe you’ll get the concept better with this short audio rather than just the text alone.

I will be working on the quality of these audio files and I promise they will get better, but I didn’t want to keep you waiting!

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This post is part 2 of our Vacation Rental SEO Secrets series. We’ve started from the beginning so if you’ve missed last weeks post read the blog VR SEO 101 and get caught up .

Now, lets get into it this weeks blog about vacation rental keywords and how to research the best ones for your advertising.



Vacation Rental Keyword Tip:


vacation rental seo keyword master list


Create your keyword master list. Your keywords are so important and I would guess that about 98% of owners do not have a keyword master list.


Why? Probably because no one has told them how important it is create a list of vacation rental keywords.


This master list is your secret marketing recipe that works in delivering your vacation rental marketing to interested travelers !



Use Keywords In All Of Your Vacation Rental Marketing



Keywords should be used in every piece of written content  you create such as, your website text, vacation rental listings, classifieds, online advertisements, videos and more.


Owners vacation rental marketing campaigns often lack the power they need to succeed, mainly because they are shooting in the dark.



 Create Content Around Your Vacation Rental Keywords List



Your master keyword list shines light on the type of content you should be creating and helps your vacation home get  found in Google for those terms.


Your keywords should be in hand when you’re writing your vacation rental descriptions.


You’ll want to create content using the keywords not create the content and then jam keywords into the text, it just doesn’t work well when you do things backwards.



 Keywords Are Your Vacation Rental Marketing Guide



Once you have your master keyword list, you can then track your progress for those keywords.


Your keyword rankings will act as a metric that helps you understand how well or poorly you are doing in achieving traffic from those targeted keywords.


I recommend having about 40 to 50 keywords in your master list. Amplify your vacation rental marketing today by getting those highly target keywords to increase your vacation rental bookings.


When you find keyword phrases that others just do not know about leaves the door wide open for you to gain number one rankings and drive the traffic that converts into sales much easier.


Need Help To Find The Best Keywords? Amplify Your Vacation Rental Marketing With Keywords Selected By Experts!




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  • Josh says:

    WOW! Great one Jay. I wish I would’ve known about this before I started posting all of my advertisments online. This would’ve been good to know in the beginning. However, I do appreciate you sharing this with us, but what can I do now that all of my listings and website descriptions have already been created?

    • Jay William says:

      Josh, after I started to write about it I thought…. I should’ve posted this earlier. Since you already have content out there, you’ll need to rework your content. It usually will take some rewriting of the content but its worth doing. Just don’t put too many keywords in the post, keep the reader in mind, ask yourself… does it flow right. Hope that helps

  • Darla says:

    Great advice! I wish I had known this before, but now that you are helping me with my keywords, website and SEO, I am confident my traffic will improve greatly!

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