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Keyword Research 101: The Keys to Your Vacation Home’s Success

 I speak with owners and managers everyday, they are all in different places in their businesses, some are seasoned in their marketing, while others are just jumping in. They’re not the same they all have different needs but those needs are usually based around the same principles.

One topic they both share an interest in, but is still not fully understood by vacation rental owners and managers is search engine optimization. I was just speaking with a VR owner Jacqueline Knopp, a very lovely woman living and renting in Victory Island British Columbia.

 Sidenote: I am working with her to design a vacation rental website and to help get her marketing on target. I’ll be sharing Jacqueline’s progress and updates here. Let me know what you think of what we’re doing as we post them.

 In the process of working with Jacqueline I had to explain SEO and how it works. That is when I said “I’ve got to bring the SEO topic to the blogs” and open up a forum for owners and managers to discuss and learn about search engine optimization.

 In order to get into search engine optimization, you first have to discuss keywords. I will be releasing at least one tip every week specifically about SEO. If you haven’t joined my newsletter, what are you waiting for! Do it already – and never miss a helpful tip again.

 We’ll start at the beginning and get more into the details as we move along. So, let’s get things started and please comment or ask questions.

Keywords Introduction

Conducting keyword research is a delicate and extremely important part of advertising your vacation rental online, get it right and you’ve struck gold, get it wrong and your site will become a ghost town. Your keywords should be handled with care because they will directly affect the level of return you receive from your marketing dollars, got your attention yet?

What are keywords?

Keywords are what people type into search engines like,, and to find what they are looking for online. Keywords are also used in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ + and LinkedIn to help people connect with content they want to know about.

With the proper keywords you can leverage the power of keywords in everything you do including, videos, blogs, descriptions and just about anything in the online world, this is a level 10 in importance.

But to unlock the power of keywords you’ll have to know what keywords will work for your specific niche/business, now that’s the tough part but don’t worry, you’ll get the insight in this series.

The science behind keyword research is to analyze the data and research the keywords and their variables for which, potential renters might type in when trying to find vacation rental accommodations like yours online.

For example, if your vacation home was in Arizona, a potential renter might type

into Google “rental homes in Arizona” or “vacation rentals in Arizona”.

But before you run off “keyword guessing”  there are pieces of information you’ll want to consider when selecting what will be the best keywords for your vacation rental marketing campaign. Some of those pieces are, competition for those keywords, amount of traffic they’ll generate and your geographic target.

You’ll also want to know the “cost per click”  for those keywords  if you plan on advertising on Google Adwords (more about CPC further in this series). There’s more to consider!

By closely examining the search statistics you’ll unveil missed opportunities and untapped potential. There are certain types of keywords that can bring in bookings to your website and listings with little to no competition, we’ll reveal that too.

 Are you using the power of keywords in your listings, website and social networks? Tell us!

What To Know What Keywords Work Best? Stay Tuned For The Next One.

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