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Happy Father’s Day to all of you fathers out there. Let us acknowledge how awesome you are today.

He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.~ Clarence Budington Kelland
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My name is Justin Powell, Jay William is my good friend and a father of 3 and now he has another baby girl on the way… yay! but Jays family reaches beyond mere blood ties.

Back in 2005 when he began his mission to educate owners, everyone else in the industry was concentrating on listing sites. Jay was teaching myself, owners and managers that there was another way….  it turned out to be a better way!

His ideas gave birth to the concept of inbound marketing for vacation rentals, which today has helped owners from  rigid advertising options and the monopoly of listing sites.

That is why I call Jay William, The Father of Vacation Rental Marketing. There is no one doing what Jay is doing as well as he has and for as long.

His out of the box thinking and marketing concepts were ahead of their time and foreign to owners.  I admire Jay for his determination to succeed.

Jay had to invest his time educating the industry and his vacation rental family about something they had never heard of ( a huge task).

Jay once told me that he wanted to help every home owner and manager with their marketing and though a big task he has accomplished this gargantuan goal, through his relentless everyday efforts and through the saturation of his ideas within the market.

I’ve learned a ton from Jay more than I ever did in any business school. He has helped to raise a new generation of vacation rental owners and managers who are better equipped.

There are now countless industry professionals who have been inspired to follow in his footsteps and even teach others, and that is one hell of a legacy.

Jay’s true legacy lies in the lives of those that he has mentored, coached, inspired and helped – like myself.   

His work has always come from his heart and from his passionate love for the vacation rental industry, even helping people for free.

He is the best “boss” I have had the opportunity to work for. He has mentored me in business, helping me to make my life better for me and  my family.

I know it isn’t your style Jay to brag about how great you are but people should know the hard work you’ve put in for all of us.

I’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate your life, leadership and all you’ve done for your family at Villa Marketers and beyond.

From myself and the entire V.M. Team, we thank you for being our guiding force.

              Happy Fathers Day Jay!

Your Friend – Justin Powell

 (Jays Right Hand Man!)