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Interior Design for Villas Will Never Be The Same!

Mercedes is no stranger to Villa Marketers but today its official; Mercedes Brennan has joined the Vacation Rental League of Extraordinary Experts.

Why did we choose Mercedes Brennan to join The VR League?

Mercedes is a phenomenal Interior Design expert whose ideas open the mind of vacation rental owners and managers with her expertise in interior design for villas.  If you haven’t read her first contribution check it out here

Allow me to introduce you to Mercedes and please welcome her to The VR League!


Mercedes_grandeMercedes Brennan

Superpower: Identifying what design elements make a vacation rental both stand out from the competition and make guests extraordinarily happy

Villain: Lackluster décor

Hideout: 1 Chic Retreat, the interior design blog that teaches starting and veteran vacation rental owners and managers how to amplify their bookings and 5 Star reviews by employing simple and inexpensive design tactics

Master’s degree in Interior Architecture
Years of working in furniture, residential and commercial design, including working for Windsor Smith

“In-the-field” training from her personal stays in over 50 vacation rentals

Civilian Life: Hear more about her trips, tips, and tricks in the vacation home business through her newsletter (sign up here)

Now that it’s no longer a secret Mercedes Brennan has joined the Vacation Rental League of Extraordinary Experts, You’ll begin to see Mercedes show off her stuff.

In the immediate future Mercedes will be helping vacation rental managers and villa owners at Villa Marketers for FREE!

If you’d like to learn more about how Mercedes can help your villa or vacation rental business check out the newest mission she’s a part of called the Vacation Rental Expert Panel (found only here at Villa Marketers).

Stay tuned for the next episodes from Mercedes Brennan and the VR League.

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She will be contributing some great help, so please give a warm welcome to Mercedes.