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You may have heard that marketing your holiday rental using videos was something you should be doing to promote your property online. Have you added a video to your holiday rental marketing strategy? If you haven’t,  it’s likely because who ever told you to use video didn’t explain to you the facts of video marketing and how it would benefit you and your rental business specifically.

In this video I put together a compelling and I hope convincing presentation packed with statistics and evidence that will find you guilty for killing your vacation rental profits by neglecting video marketing. Using video in my own marketing strategy, I can undoubtedly tell you the video turns the volume up on your profits.  I’m not just another guy telling you do something because it’s the “cool” thing to do, I break down the video and show you why you NEED to use the video to help your rental business. 

I am so committed to using video in my strategies, that i have JUST created a Vacation Rental Marketing Learning Center.  You can find our video  learning center at www.vacationrentalmarketingtv.comYou may be asking yourself why create another website just for videos? Well it’s simply 2 words…IT WORKS!

If this video doesn’t motivate you to get your video marketing off the launch pad, I have wasted my time.

Come on guys! Let’s talk about video marketing.

Share your stories with us whether they are success, failure or just your opinion on using video marketing for your vacation rental property.

Need help getting started?

Ask us in the comments section below.


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