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Vacation Rental Owner Booking Tips

You need a partner who can reduce your expenses and open doors for you that most owners are reluctant to work with.

Make Your Enemies Your Frienemies.

Compete By Cooperating

New vacation rental owners see other owners as competition, and with good reason, but there is a way for you to benefit from your competitors. If you deploy an effective marketing campaign, you will have times when your home is booked and someone else would like to book it, but you’ll just have to turn them away.

Or do you? What the average owner does is disregard the inquiry or replies back to say, “Sorry, we’re booked,” and that’s the end of it. But you don’t want to earn an average rental income, do you?

I assume you’ll want to truly maximize your rental income. I don’t suggest that you work with other owners in “shared marketing.” You’re likely to get the short end of the stick. What I do suggest is for owners to offer another home owner’s property when they are booked. Why not? You’ve already spent the money on the advertising.

Negotiate a commission or special rental rate for you when you book their property. Sometimes you can make more money with a higher return from these bookings than you would from renting your home out because there isn’t any wear and tear of your property, paperwork, or utility usage. In return, another owner can offer your home when they’re booked, benefiting you in two ways.

You can easily connect and create partnerships with other owners on our Villa Marketers Community 


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