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So we hopped out of the hummer and took off on foot – here’s what we saw..

Posted by Jay William on Sunday, March 12, 2017

Instantly Double Your Bookings Like I Did For This Property Manager

You may have heard I was recently in Aruba. If you follow me on Facebook, I shared a few pics of the ocean view from our condo. I also posted photos of some of Aruba’s famous 5-star restaurants…which we ate at every night. Every evening was superb! During the day, we enjoyed the beach and an off-road adventure in our hummer. All of this was provided to us by my clients and gracious hosts.

Yep, believe it or not, this is all part of my job. I often visit my clients in destinations close by and across the globe.

My trip to Aruba was a phenomenal experience. In one of the restaurants, we dined with our feet in the turquoise sea water.

The timing was perfect, as we were able to catch the sun setting over the horizon on my wedding anniversary. It was super special!  Here’s a glimpse into that night- you can see this short video

It didn’t take long for me to develop a special connection with Aruba.

While a little leisure was included in our itinerary, we were in Aruba on a mission. I was hired to do a job for the largest vacation rental company on the Island – Prestige Vacations Aruba.

You may have read some of my previous blogs where I share real case studies and vacation rental success stories. I’ve shared stories like Kendall’s from Closer To Heaven Cabins. I’ve also posted case studies on larger agencies like Kevin and Michael with The Timeshare Brokers.


Well today, I’m going to reveal the complete transformation of Prestige’s vacation rental business.

Make sure you watch the video at the end of this post.

Like my previous case studies, my job is to help owners or managers generate direct bookings. I take an extreme amount of pride in this work. I put my heart in it and work hard for my clients.

I’m not just a blogger using words (blogs) to tell you how to become independent.

I get a chance to get in that mud! Actually help people achieve their goals. This is the most gratifying part of what I do.

I’m going to show you how my expert team and I helped transform yet another vacation rental business. I’ll show you how we instantly doubled their booking results too.

You can’t make this stuff up! 

Meet The Property Management Owners

I was hired as a vacation rental consultant by owners Alan and Rachel Riley to help them further expand their vacation rental business and property portfolio.
This is a photo of the three of us enjoying an evening out together in Aruba at Casa Tua.
prestige vacations aruba property managers owners alan and rachel
These two wonderful people are true ambassadors of Aruba, and extremely gracious hosts. They showed us an amazing 5 star Aruba experience.
If you ever need a vacation rental in Aruba, these are the folks you want to book with. They know their brand and take their “Prestige” branding very serious. They know how to ensure you enjoy a prestigious experience!
Before we get into the business makeover, I’ll let Alan share his thoughts on what he thought of the work we did together. His comments were sent just days before his website launch – but after our one-on-one consulting sessions in Aruba.
“We have engaged VillaMarketers, under the leadership of Mr. Jay William, to design our new website as well as create and execute an online marketing strategy to secure the future success of our vacation rental management company in Aruba.

We have invited Jay to come to Aruba not only for face to face consultation but also so that he can have a personal and direct experience of what the island has to offer, to be able to better transmit such in our new overall marketing strategy.

Jay accepted our invitation, and together with his wife and business colleague, Penelope joined us for a 4-day/5-night itinerary in Aruba. In-depth and first-hand knowledge of company operations, resort and accommodation locations, island features and landmarks, even of the entertainment, cuisine and nightlife the island has to offer, greatly enhances the chances for success in any marketing strategy.


We are very satisfied with the results so far and look forward to implementing an online marketing strategy for our company that is fine-tuned based on professional and direct destination experience.” 

The experience of going to Aruba and communicating with Alan, Rachel and their team face-to-face, provided us with first-hand knowledge of Aruba and the inner workings of the Prestige company.

This insider information allowed me to join their team and come along side these two entrepreneurs to help them take their vacation rental business to a whole-nother level.

As you’ll witness, Prestige’s presentation greatly improved. But beyond what is visible – are the results! Let’s see what they were.

I’ll share the comments Rachel shared with me shortly after the soft launch of their new property management website.

“We are already getting more direct inquiries, and look forward to the completion of the site to get even more!! Thanks again and keep it up! -Rachel”

After just a couple of weeks of the website being launched, I followed-up with Alan. He shared with me how the trajectory of the site was set to at least double their inquiries. Yes, at least double!


How did we instantly double their vacation rental results?

I recently shared an article called the 10 best vacation rental websites designed on WordPress. In that blog post, I shared with you how to build your website like a fly trap.

Alan had an old website that was under-performing and cutting his inquiries in half. His website was working against him!

When we designed The Prestige Vacations Aruba website, we reorganized all their content on the website. We restructured the content and menus, making the navigation much easier on users.

When we designed their website, we made sure it was designed with calls-to-action. A goal of the website redesign was to increase inquiries by improving the conversion results from their website traffic.

Alan’s website was also not optimized for mobile devices. When designing a vacation rental website, you want to design a desktop version of the site and a mobile one.

We designed the mobile site for conversion too. I explain more about the importance of creating a vacation rental website optimized for conversions. 

Today we’re sharing a case study which proves that you can double your bookings with an intelligently designed website built for conversion.

But we aren’t going to stop at just doubling results. Our goal is to triple, or even quadruple, the inquiries over the next several months. We know we will achieve continued success!

At this moment, we’re working on search engine optimization and expect to see big boosts in traffic. I’ll update you further on the results and specific strategies to make this project a huge success.

Just a heads up: Alan has agreed to share some of his wisdom with us here on the blog. He’s a successful entrepreneur with experience in hospitality, real estate and vacation rentals. So, be on the look-out for his contribution to the community!

Now that you have the back story, let’s show you some of the results.

Watch The Video Below!

 What Do You Think About These Dramatic Results?


  • Josh says:

    Aruba looks beautiful! Jay, could you come to our villa to help us out? It would be nice to get to pick your brain 😉

    • Jay William says:

      Josh Aruba was awesome! It’s always breezy, friendly people and the night life was surprisingly lively! The experience allowed me to learn more about Prestige, Aruba and it created a dynamic environment for learning. Email me jay[at], I’d love to chat with you more about coming out to you.

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