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how to advertise orlando vacation rentals online

How To Advertise Orlando Vacation Rentals

Do you own a vacation rental, holiday villa or condo in Orlando Florida? Have you thought to yourself “how can I advertise my vacation rental online”? Let see if you’ve covered all the bases in your Orlando villa marketing plan.

I speak with many Orlando villa owners and I will usually ask them a few questions to help me better understand their vacation rental situation. One of the questions I ask is; how do you currently advertise your Orlando vacation rental?

A vacation rental owner might reply by mentioning the name of a vacation rental listing site or some sort of broad blanket response. I find that owners advertise their vacation rentals in a very general fashion without targeting specific groups. Let us have a look at some very valuable information regarding Orlando travel statistics; my hope is to get you thinking of about how you can improve your advertising. In this blog I included stats that will help you discover a group of people you’re missing out on by not targeting them in when you advertise your vacation rental online.

These travel statistics were revealed by Visit Orlando

Did You Know?

• In 2011 there were 55 million travelers who visited Orlando Florida

• 41 million of those travelers were from the USA

• Of those 41 million 21.5 million are residents of Florida

Who are your vacation rental advertisements targeting?

You might be trying to reach the international crowd (which is suggested) however you should start by looking right in your own backyard. This insightful information will reveal the best ways how to advertise a vacation rental in Orlando Florida.

Being that the majority of Orlando vacationers are from the United States, owners should tailor their marketing to attract U.S. travelers. This way an Orlando vacation rental owner can get their fair share of the largest group of travelers booking vacation homes in Orlando.

Our vacation rental marketing strategy for Orlando properties is to capture bookings from the international market. However we pay special attention to Florida and U.S. families when we advertise vacation rentals for our villa owners.

There are many successful marketing strategies we incorporate in our Orlando villa advertising plans, here is one you should consider using in your advertising:

Vacation Rental Marketing Tip: One marketing tip you should include in your vacation rental strategy is to include a Florida resident discount on your website and advertisements to attract Floridians. It’s likely your competition isn’t offering this type of promotion and this can help your VR advertising stand out. Optimize your website using related keyword terms to help Florida residents find your holiday villa when they’re surfing the web.

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