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how to answer negative reviews online


In this blog I am going to share one of the grossest vacation rental reviews written from a police officer and how I blocked it from really hurting a property management company and their homeowner in an online review.

You may or may not know that we “verify” our clients rental properties and display a Gold verified property badge on their sites. These badges allow travelers to feel more comfortable booking with our clients because they are “backed up”  by a reputable 3rd party company…..Villa Marketers.


The position we take in helping our vacation rental owners build credibility for their businesses sometimes has a boomerang effect. If a problem does arise we sometimes get a response from the traveler who verified the legitimacy of the property through Villa Marketers.


In one of those responses a client who is a Detective with New Jersey law enforcement, contacted us to express his grievances with one the properties he rented from our client. I implemented several of the strategies I discussed in a blog I wrote called 11 Ways To Avoid Negative Vacation Rental Reviews & Complaints. If you’ve wondered if my advice works I’ve included the proof of the effectiveness of point # 8 listed in my previous blog, here in this post.


I asked the traveler to put it in writing (read point #8 for more details). By doing so I prevented this horrible review from hurting the online reputation of the property owner and their vacation rental business.

“Hi Jay,

As per our conversation, I am forwarding this email to you to address concerns and issues we encountered at the property of (the address was here). Kissimmee FL. Overall the property was nice, spacious and met our needs.

1) House rules call for all bed linens and towels to be washed and dried by departure time of 10 am. This is quite impossible when you have a 6 bedroom home. Please keep in mind that we paid a cleaning fee.
2) The master downstairs bedroom; upon arrival when my wife was turning down the bed, she observed semen stains on the brown comforter which we have pictures of. We then washed and dried the comforter.
3) A bedroom upstairs contained body/pubic hair on the sheets.
4) The linens are old with all tiny balls on it from overuse/wash etc…..
5) House was dusty on surface levels
6) Raccoons enter through hole in screen above pool
7) When I had booked this property I was ensured that there was to be a BBQ in place. Upon arrival, no BBQ grill. Property manager (name was here) reconciled this in a very timely fashion however at my expense of $45.00. The grill was complete garbage and maybe cost $90 at Walmart. It was not efficient and worked poorly. Huge disappointment.
8) The game room was nice but extremely hot. No fans and house rules did not allow garage door to be opened.

Ok, I think thats it 🙂


Now What????


What do you think?


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What would you do?


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