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These Holiday Rental Advertising Tips Really Work!

So you’re looking for holiday rental advertising tips? Let’s navigate through a treasure trove of holiday rental advertising tips, filled with expert insights and proven strategies.

Our aim? To elevate your property’s visibility, engagement, and reservations, making it a sought-after escape for travelers. Set sail towards a rewarding advertising voyage with us!

The Problem with Holiday Rental Advertising 

In the bustling world of holiday rentals, countless properties are all singing from the same hymn sheet on platforms like Airbnb,, and VRBO. And while it might seem like an endless echo chamber, the key isn’t to sing louder but to craft a distinct melody that reverberates.

Owners, especially those up against established giants with bigger pockets, can often feel like small fish in a vast ocean. But here’s the truth: every fish can make waves, no matter its size. It’s all about creating ripples of distinction.

In the realm of holiday rental advertising, achieving distinction is like preparing for the perfect gathering. You aim to set a unique ambiance, serve up unexpected delights, and ensure each guest feels personally catered to.

This article is filled with more than 6 holiday rental advertising tips. We’ve packed some of our best advice in here. We hope you get get value out of them. Let’s go!

6 Holiday Rental Advertising Tips

So, how do we craft this unique identity, this badge of distinction in the rental world? Journey with me, and let’s unveil the secrets together.

Don’t Just Sell Your Holiday Home – Sell The Experience!

advertising holiday rentals through experiences

You might be thinking, “Hold on a minute; isn’t selling the point?” Well, it is, but not in the way you might think.

Picture this: instead of being one of the countless listings that rattle off property specs, you evoke emotions. Your target audience isn’t buying a property – they’re seeking a dream holiday experience.

If you’d like more insight into putting this in action check out our recent Vacation Rental Show where we demonstrated this in action on an unknown island paradise.  

In the vast world of holiday rental advertising, the game has shifted. While new properties pop daily, aiming to “sell” their holiday rental to holiday makers, many miss the mark.

They emphasize the property over the potential memories, the rooms over the experiences, the amenities over the adventures. But you? You won’t make that mistake.

Shift your strategy. Instead of making your holiday rental ads another sales pitch, make them stories waiting to be lived. Remember, the ultimate goal isn’t just to rent out your property but to provide an experience that keeps guests coming back for more.

📝Holiday Rental Advertising Tips Takeaway #1

Craft your adverts and headlines with rich, evocative language. Paint a picture of the experiences, moments, and memories waiting to be made. Let the property be the backdrop to the dream holiday you’re selling.

Target Your Advertising to the Right Guests

targeted holiday rental ads

Every holiday rental has a unique charm, attracting a distinct type of guest. So, why go broad and shallow when you can go narrow and deep?

Niche marketing isn’t just effective; it’s efficient. Instead of casting a wide net with generic advertising, zero in on those who are most likely to resonate with what your property offers.

This targeted approach ensures a higher conversion rate, making every dollar of your advertising budget count.

For the Family-oriented Property: Suppose your property is spacious and equipped with family-friendly amenities. Don’t just say it accommodates families – paint a picture.

Highlight the cozy family movie nights they can have in the living room, the backyard barbecues, or the nearby parks where kids can play. Sell the whole package – an unforgettable family getaway.

For the Golfing Enthusiast: If your holiday rental is near a popular golf course, embrace that! Don’t merely mention its proximity.

Discuss the serene morning views over the greens, the challenge of the nearby courses, or the convenience of coming back to a relaxing home after a day of golfing. Speak their language, and they’ll listen.

📝Holiday Rental Advertising Tips Takeaway #2

Craft your holiday rental ads with your ideal guest in mind. Generic ads blend in, while tailored ones stand out. 

Tailor your advertising to cater to specific niches that align with your property’s features, nearby activities, and attractions.

Holiday Rental Advertising Tips Takeaway #3

Tip: It’s not about convincing everyone; it’s about resonating deeply with someone. By honing in on what makes your rental ideal for a specific audience, your message becomes potent and memorable.

3. Do You Have a Holiday Rental Advertising Strategy?

holiday rental advertising strategy

The cardinal aim of online advertising for holiday rentals is clear: ramp up bookings.

Yet, delving deeper into your advertising motives can unfurl a blueprint for cultivating more leads and inquiries.

Instead of merely spotlighting your holiday rental, envision your endeavor as a thriving holiday rental business, set with clear-cut objectives.

With established goals, you’ll grasp what’s necessitated to meet them, empowering you to refine your ads accordingly.

Once your holiday rental aspirations are crystallized, you’re geared up to craft campaigns that truly resonate.

Reflect on these streamlined questions to finesse your holiday rental advertising strategies:

Rate Structure: How will you structure your rates throughout the year to balance profitability and occupancy?

Breakeven Analysis: What’s your breakeven point—how many bookings do you need annually to cover costs?

Low Season Strategy: Which periods are typically quiet for your rental, and how will you enhance visibility during these times?

Special Interest Groups: Have you considered tailoring ads to cater to special interest groups, and if so, which groups align with your property’s features?

Platform Selection: Which holiday rental platforms offer a balance of extensive reach and manageable competition?

Niche Listing Opportunities: Are there niche or activity-based websites where listing your property could capture a dedicated audience?

Website Synergy: How will your own holiday rental website dovetail with your online advertising endeavors to create a cohesive brand presence?

Marketing Arsenal: What marketing tools and techniques could propel your advertising efforts and set you apart in the market?

Improvement Areas: Where do you discern room for enhancement in your current advertising approach?

These are just the springboard for a thorough examination. Each question is crafted to trigger contemplation and help you carve a robust advertising scheme for your holiday rental business.

📝Holiday Rental Advertising Tips Takeaway #4

Clear Advertising Objectives:

Have a well-thought-out plan with clear goals for your advertising. Reflect on the strategic questions provided to fine-tune your approach.

Remember the timeless adage by Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Chart your course meticulously, and watch your holiday rental venture flourish.

Be Different! Dare to be Distinctive!

When browsing through a holiday rental site, it’s easy to see the vast sea of similarity.

It’s a high tide of commonality that often drowns many listings into oblivion.

To float above, doing what others are not doing is not just clever, it’s essential.

Merely following the pack can lead your listing into an abyss of the unnoticed.

It’s the daring divergence from the norm that often catches the eye and holds the attention.

Break away from the blend!

Many holiday rental advertisers are oblivious to the shackles of conformity.

In a bustling marketplace, being audacious in your advertising approach isn’t just a tactic; it’s a necessity.

Get creative, think beyond conventional boundaries. Could your heading use a splash of humor or a stroke of intrigue?

Perhaps a set of images that tell a captivating story of a stay at your place? Or maybe, dive into the less charted waters of video tours?

Whatever your differentiator is, make sure it’s tailored to resonate with your target audience, yet bold enough to set you apart from the rest. The extra thought you invest here could translate into a bounty of bookings that many others miss out on.

Take some time, think this through, and you might just discover that being distinctive is not just rewarding, it’s also a lot of fun!

📝Holiday Rental Advertising Tips Takeaway #5

In the vast marketplace of holiday rentals, blending in is the fastest route to being overlooked. Your advertisement should not only mirror the unique charm of your rental property but also possess a dash of daring distinctiveness that catches the eye amidst a sea of standard listings.

Whether it’s a catchy headline, compelling images, or a narrative that transports potential renters into a dreamy staycation, the magic lies in the details that set you apart.

Remember, it’s about being memorably different, not just for the sake of being different, but to echo the unique experience awaiting your guests. In your quest to be different, ensure every unique touch is a bridge towards a memorable guest experience.

Direct the Way with a Clear Call to Action

holiday rental advertising tips 6 use call to action

Among the clutter of holiday rental advertisements, one element often goes amiss – a clear, compelling call to action (CTA). It’s more than just a button or a line of text; it’s your invitation to potential guests, guiding them on what to do next to secure a cozy weekend retreat at your place.

An impactful advertisement isn’t just a beautiful description of your holiday home; it’s a conversation starter that beckons holidaymakers to take the next step. It’s your virtual handshake offering them the keys to a memorable stay.

View your CTA as a beacon amidst the digital haystack of holiday rental listings. Whether it’s a vibrant “Book Now” button, an inviting “Explore More” link, or a helpful “Contact Us Today” prompt, ensure it’s unmissable and inviting.

In the vast digital marketplace where your holiday rental is one among many, having a clear CTA is like having a friendly, visible sign in a bustling bazaar saying, “Your comforting stay is just a click away!”

Your advertisement should not only showcase your property but usher viewers to the doorstep of a delightful experience. And that begins with a simple yet effective call to action.

📝Holiday Rental Advertising Tips Takeaway #6

Need assistance in enhancing your holiday rental advertisement’s CTA? Push the easy button and reach out to us! That’s a call to action in action!


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