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Owners Throw Away Their Rental Marketing Dollars

Biggest Holiday Home Marketing Mistake

Are YOU Guilty Of The Biggest Holiday Home Marketing Mistake?

Do you keep in touch with people that rented your holiday home in the past?

When I ask this question to other holiday home owners, most look at me as if I just landed from Mars! Many never maintain contact with people that have enjoyed a holiday in their home before. If you do that, it means that you have to constantly look for new customers.

In the business world, its a well known fact that it is much more difficult to sell to someone that has never heard of you before than it is to sell to someone who has already bought from you. Yet, most marketing efforts are geared towards always finding new clients. That is a big marketing mistake and often huge sums of money are “left on the table” because business owners never try to make offers to past clients.

In the business of holiday home marketing often the same happens. Holiday home owners manage to get a few bookings and then simply forget about those people once their holiday is over. Some wrongly believe that people won’t go back on holiday in the same place… so there is no point in attempting to contact past renters.

This is a common misconception but I can assure you that many people like to go on holiday where they have been before, IF they had a great time . Nowadays, most people take shorter breaks but more often throughout the year. This means that although they might visit the same resort year after year, they are not taking only that holiday.

So, don’t ever discard the opportunity of repeat bookings because you assume people wouldn’t go back to your holiday home. Just like you often visit your holiday resort, other people too might have good reasons to do the same. My good friend Gary has been to Florida once a year for the past 19 years. He also visits other countries but he simply loves Florida, and despite the fact he doesn’t own a property in Florida he always visits.

Wouldn’t it be great to have one or two rental clients like Gary? Well, unless you keep in touch with past guest then the chances of them re-contacting you are very slim, even if they are planning to go on holiday again in the same area.

You’ve already invested in advertising your holiday home don’t make the mistake of throwing away your money! Stay in touch with your renters and generate more leads from old marketing dollars you’ve already spent.

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