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I’m giving away a free vacation rental website worth $3500 to one owner or property manager.

One lucky winner is going to get the full experience, knowledge and resources from our experts to help their business in 2016.

This is my premium website design package.
You can see what I’m giving away at our Vacation Rental Marketing Store <<<<< CLICK HERE 

We offer websites for as little as $699, with a website package designed to fit every budget and need, but I want this giveaway to be a dramatic event, so I’m giving away nothing but the best of what I have to you for free.

The reason we are the best website builders in the vacation rental business is because we design vacation rental websites that convert people who are looking to book.

We create amazing “flytraps” that capture visitors once they’ve landed on the website, helping owners to close on more bookings.

Some of you may have seen the work the Villa Marketers team designed for Amy Firmani, as part of the famous vacation rental makeover.

If you didn’t, you can check it out here-

I was once asked by a blogger “What’s the favorite website you’ve designed?” The answer I gave was “The one I’m working on right now.” And that’s always my answer.

It’s hard to learn new things when you don’t make new mistakes, and if you’re always doing the same things, not a lot of change occurs.

Each time I work on a new website, it gives me the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and implement my newest tricks and tools, and I have fun on each one.

And that’s why the project I am working on at that moment is the one I like the most.

I will work with the winner, one on one, through the process of developing this spectacular website.

What is often not seen is the behind the scenes process of working with my team.

When you work with myself and the VM team, you get a full marketing experience that may just be more valuable to your business profits than the cost of the website that I’m giving to you.

Why am I giving this website away? It’s a social experiment- actually a social marketing experiment.

As a marketing company, we spend a large amount of money on advertising and I thought to myself…. What if instead I can take a chunk of that money and give it back to the people who read my blogs, share our posts, comment and care?

With your support, we’d love to offer more giveaways and promotions in the future. Please share this post on your social networks, with friends, owners and with anyone who you think would be interested so we can continue to use our marketing budget to give back in the future.

Here’s what to do to win the website-

1. Join the community HERE>>>

2. Then share ‘what’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned’ in the community forum HERE >>>

The winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, November 7 so hurry and enter your name!

Thanks for being a part of our community and good luck!


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