21 Tips On How To Respond To Inquiries & Get More Bookings For Your Rental home.

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21 Tips On How To Respond To Inquiries & Get More Bookings!

1) 1st I would like to remind you that we must remember that renting is selling. Yes that’s right when you’re looking to rent your home you 1st need to sell it. What I mean is you have to create a great presentation and make a lasting impression.

2) If you are using an auto reply as a response for your inquiries STOP it can be costing your bookings.

3) Your client doesn’t want a response from your computer they want to feel important, so respond personally to every one of your emails.

4) Also making them feel like they’re vacation is personally important to you is a feeling you want to translate. When responding to your inquiries always refer to the clients first or last name it asks for their personal attention. I always prefer to call clients by their last name as it is a sign of respect and professionalism.

5) It’s always nice to say please and thank you. Be very polite, it’s a good way to start communicating by saying Thank you for your interest in our home.

6) You want to keep it short sweet & informative. Don’t give them too much information you do want them to have some questions for you don’t you? Of course you do as it will give you an opportunity to reassure the client they’re in good hands and it also gives the opportunity to share the highlights of your vacation rental communities and amenities.

7) Paint pictures with your words. Use terms like colorful, vibrant, amazing, luxury but don’t over do it.

8 ) Create a short list. Create a small visual with a couple of bullets about the amenities or features of your vacation villa again not too many just a few that will get their attention and want to learn more.

9) Be helpful and let them know you’re knowledgeable. If you mention something about the villa or area that will be useful or help illustrate a point it will help. For example the patio is a great place to unwind. (point) if you love to relax you’ll enjoy the cranes that flock to the lake after 2pm (tips like this also helps paint them in the picture). Another example; make sure you stop by the ____ shop before coming to Orlando they have good discounts there for Disney. This will help them like you and people like to buy from people they like.

10) Mention your website. You want as many people to visit your website as possible and as many times as possible as it helps your website rankings with search engines like Google. Always keep your website in front of your renter. Remind everyone you have a crystal clear virtual tour and video with images of the pool, large master bedroom etc… Virtual tours are great aids to help you close the sale. Also pointing all of these promotion tools you have generated for your vacation home will show your renter that you’re a serious business person and makes them feel more comfortable that they’re working with someone who is competent

11) Use your E-flyer! Your e-flyer is a great tool to engage the client by asking them to do something. Please download our e-flyer for more information about our luxury vacation homes.

Not everyone has an e-flyer so your clients will remember you more as “the one with the flyer” the renters can also print it out later to discuss during the planning process. You might want to mention this to them. For example we have attached a full color e-flyer to this email you can see some of our photos and other important information. For Your convenience you can also print out the e-flyer to show others and consider us during your planning process

12) Confirm Dates. Simple just repeat the dates in your email to them sometimes they can get mixed up and when they see the error from you it may save you some headaches.

13) Quote you’re per night price. I think that it is best to quote your price per night as it is going to be a lower number rather than the larger amount of a whole week and believe it is less of a shock visually, also other renters will be quoting per night and may just make you seem higher. I know it sounds silly but just trust me it’s true.

14) List all the fees separately. List all fees and make sure your clear and they are all in there like your cleaning, taxes, processing fees if any etc. let them add them up.

15) Pick up the phone! If a client leaves you their phone # you should periodically contact your inquiries via phone as it again gives you a better chance to connect with the renter if they don’t want a call they won’t leave their #. Also most people will send replies by email and you calling will help set you apart from emails.

16) Build some urgency! The renter doesn’t always understand that you have inquiries everyday about your home and that availability is not guaranteed until confirmation. Be careful how you do this so it’s not being pushy.

17) Follow up! If you don’t hear back from the renter send them a follow up email, your email may have not gotten to them. Plus it is a sign of a professional to follow up with clients and is appreciated by the renters. You will usually get an email back with more information of the renter’s situation.

18) Offer them something. Everyone likes to get something for free or something additional. So If you can create a presentation where you can offer a price reduction , promotion, or free gift this will greatly increase your rentals. Experiment with different ways you can create offers for your renters and share with them that it is a special.

19) Include your phone #. If you’re OK with getting calls it will help you greatly make sure your contact number is on your website, emails etc…

20) Ask some questions. Questions make us think and require an answer so it is good if you can as the renter a question they would have some interest about. This will increase the chance of a return email from you.

21) Sign off and ask for their business. Don’t be afraid to ask for their business and sign off with a warm signature don’t forget to offer yourself for help and let them know you’re available for them.

I hope that these tips will help you, we believe if you master these techniques you can increase your rental percentages so practices these and experiment with different strategies till you have one you feel is powerful. Is your current response powerful? If it’s not it can be costing you rentals.
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