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Are you ready for round 2 of the Vacation Rental Expert Panel?


I’m excited to announce the second winner of our vacation rental expert panel review. If you didn’t catch the first vacation rental makeover show, be sure to check it out.

If you haven’t yet entered for your chance to get free help from 3 vacation rental experts, enter your property here.

Last Vacation Rental Marketing Show

In our last makeover show, we reviewed Theresa Robertson, a vacation rental owner with a cabin in Boone, North Carolina.  And based on everyone’s feedback, it was a big hit!  We demonstrated how Theresa could make a huge difference in her marketing and presentation.

The difference we presented in her marketing approach were night and day from what she was presenting.  In that session, the marketing, photography, and interior design tips were geared toward a single property owner.

This Month’s Vacation Rental Makeover

For this vacation rental makeover show, I’d like to mix it up and give property management companies and owners of multiple vacation properties a chance to get some free vacation rental marketing help.

But don’t think for a second that because this makeover is geared toward a multiple property vacation rental company, it means an owner with a single property isn’t going to get anything out of this show.

In fact, I believe they may just get more out of this one. Why? We’ll be discussing multiple properties and how each should be presented, while discussing a broader set of website and marketing features that will help anyone, regardless of how many properties you own.

And The Vacation Rental Makeover Winner is…

This month’s winner is Wendy Jackson and family, who own “The Cape Escape”. Wendy owns several vacation rentals in San Blas, Florida, located on the Panhandle.  I selected Wendy because she really wanted the help and she showed she was hungry for it by commenting on our blogs and within her  social networks.

Here is the comment that stood out to me:

” I’m going to keep trying :-)!  Look forward to getting the help being offered, it’s awesome!” – Wendy Jackson



She didn’t get picked the first time around, but she didn’t give up. She really wanted the help… so Wendy, ya got it!

Here are a few excerpts from Wendy’s initial comments on our blog, where she shared the biggest challenges she’s experiencing in her vacation rental business:

“Our website is We used to be on p.1 Google, Yahoo and the others until I had my site re-done.  The 2nd frustration is folks finding what they need on it.  Problem is, we have 13 rentals, all in the same neighborhood, on the same beach and with essentially the same amenities.

The difference is only that 6 are direct beach front and the other 7 are just 20-200 steps to the beach. Folks have champagne taste and a beer budget, so often they look at the gulf fronts, can’t afford it and don’t get that the other options are RIGHT there!”

To read more of Wendy’s comments and challenges, visit our vacation rental expert comment submissions.

How Do You Present Multiple Properties?

While I was deciding on who to help, I wondered how Tyann and Mercedes would approach this one, being that it is a multi-property company.  Last time, it was very clear for our approach since it was just one property.

But I should have known better than to question the ability of the experts.  After I shared the concern with them, they said, “That’s easy, Jay!” They then presented an approach to me I thought was very interesting. Let’s see what you think about it.

Make sure you check out the next Vacation Rental Makeover Show. Keep an eye out for the announcement; we will be posting the show very soon!   If you haven’t yet subscribed to our vacation rental marketing blog, sign up to receive our marketing tips and updates now.  Watch how we transform this vacation rental business!

Will Your Vacation Rental Business Be Next?

We are already beginning the search for our next property owner or manager to help. We’ll be selecting our next winner sooner than normal next month in order to prepare for some twists we are implementing, so get in while you can still enter your vacation rental property.


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