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Reveal 4 Truths Of Vacation Rental Listings Websites Offering Free Marketing

vacation rental advertising sites the truth



There are several vacation rental listing sites wanting you to advertise your vacation rental with them. They’ve tried to get you to advertise on their rental sites but you just haven’t wanted to part with your precious money.


Now vacation rental websites like Flipkey, Homeaway and other listing sites are enticing vacation rental owners by offering a free vacation rental listing for their rental properties, this is great right?


These vacation rental websites want to remove the obstacle of money from advertising your listings with them, that’s so nice of them isn’t it?


I tell you, this is not a good thing for the direction of vacation rental owner marketing. Consider these 4 basic truths about these new free vacation rental listings and websites.



  1. You continue to feed the giants. These websites like Homeaway and VRBO initially seemed to care about their vacation rental owners and managers as customers. Now they are huge corporate companies with shareholders who seem out of touch with their customers. Owners need to stop feeding these giants and seek out other advertising options; some of the big sites and services are desperately changing their model hoping to stay a strong force, as some services have lost some of their market share. Owners need to take this time and put their money and efforts in other creditable marketing services to avoid getting crushed by the giants in the near future. If these sites continue to steam roll over owners and managers, why continue to give them support with your money? ……”Money? I thought you said they were offering free vacation rental listings?”


  1. Free vacation rental advertising, that’s nonsense! Come on we know corporate vacation rental sites are in it for the money, they aint gonna give you nothing for free! You can list your vacation rental for free on the site but if you want to make a booking, you’ve got to pay up!


  1. History will repeat itself. Once these big vacation rental websites have you in their pocket they will do the same thing they’ve been doing to rental owners, they will suck you dry. Vacation rental listing websites like Homeaway has recently made several price hikes to their vacation rental listing and yearly subscriptions plans. Owners have been complaining about this for some time and Homeaway has lost owners because of this. (You can view their complaints here and here) So they want to lure those owners back and then eat them like the praying mantis does after they’ve had their way with you. Use your marketing dollars as your voice in the market. Stop relying on these big vacation rental websites if you would like the market and your results to change! Empower yourself!


  1. Expect huge commission hikes in the future. These vacation rental listing sites are charging approx 3 to 5 % per booking. How long will it be before these large vacation rental websites begin to raise those commission charges? charges 15% per booking they facilitate for a hotel or vacation rental. This is important, considering recently Homeaway has been following the online booking concept of If is charging 15 % its not, “if” but “when” will Homeaway and Flipkey raise their commission rates. Any marketing firm is familiar with introductory offers. Introductory offers are usually lower initially to help gain popularity but when the product gains momentum, the gloves come off and prices go up. You’ve probably seen this for yourself in the vacation rental industry when brand new vacation rental listing sites offer “Free Vacation Rental Listings” and once the site becomes popular, the site begins to charge you, just as things were getting good. We should all be familiar with their strategy and be ready of whats to come.


These type of free vacation rental listings and advertising services are not going to affect Villa Marketers in a negative way but rather in a very positive one. Our vacation rental marketing model is built around truly helping and empowering owners and managers. When you have your focus is around helping your customers, you will inevitably help yourself, so we are bound for success.


Owners tell us they are tired of paying commissions for their rental bookings, everyone wants a shot at taking their valuable income, after-all your cash is king. They come to Villa Marketers looking for the best way to get the highest returns from their vacation rental investment homes. They understand that paying commissions on all their bookings makes their investment property vulnerable.


As more vacation rental listing websites begin charging commissions, it will simply raise the demand for a service like that of Villa Marketers. Villa Marketers charges 0% commissions for every booking they bring to their owners. You keep your money!


Cutting down the amount of commissions you pay when marketing a vacation rental is crucial if you want to be one of the truly successful and profitable properties.


Uncover the agenda of these website offering free vacation rental listings and be prepared.





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