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Social Media Content For Vacation Rental & Travel Professionals


Sometimes we can lose sight of what it is we’re really selling.

You’ve read my blogs where I discuss the importance of selling the experience and while that is true, you’ve got to sell the benefits too.


Sell The Benefits – But Not The One’s You’ve Been Pushing


When I say “benefits” you may think of a benefit being- a better view, or being closer to XYZ attraction, while these are important benefits, the one’s we need not neglect (but often do) are the deeper ones. The benefits rooted and connected to deep compulsive emotions.

You know… the benefits of travel that really stay with you after the vacation is over, like how family relationships get stronger after a vacation, or how you can reduce the risk of a heart attack and even sleep better after taking a vacation. Now those are benefits we really care about.

These are all true but there’s a problem and it’s why the world needs us. It’s why what you do, really matters in people, families, and lives.


Why What You’re Doing Is So Important


  • Four out of 10 Americans aren’t going to take all of their vacation days. US Travel Association
  • Expedia, more than 30 percent of Americans did not use all their vacation days
  • Travel Association notes that family vacations in 1975 typically lasted one week. In 2010, it was 3.8 days
  • 20 years ago, 80 percent of the families visiting Yosemite National Park stayed overnight. Today, the average visit, usually in the car, frantically snapping pictures out the window, is five hours. John de Graaf


Make Your Bookings Recession Resistant


Many people think of a vacation as being a luxury they can’t always afford. This thought process makes people neglect a vacation. This isn’t good for anyone! Our job is to disrupt that thinking!

But how do you make people take their vacation time more seriously? Give them the facts!

Using facts that support the core benefits of travel will act as the switches that turn a vacation from a “luxury purchase” into an absolute “health necessity.”

You can make a vacation more important to people. And instead of it being the first thing to go out of the budget, it can become the last thing people are willing to give up.

We know  from my article about Martin Shkreli and 2 other CEO’s, that “needs are stronger than wants” when it comes to consumer purchasing behavior.

It’s exactly why highlighting how a vacation in your peaceful property is a necessity for a healthier life.

Keeping this messaging in the front of mind of consumers will help to make your bookings “sticky.” They’ll be more resistance to recessions and cancellations.

When you’re focusing your marketing on “needs” as opposed to just “wants” your vacation rental marketing becomes much more meaningful.

By no means should you neglect “selling” to travelers wants or desires (especially to the affluent).

Instead, getting your prospects to not just want it, but making them feel they need it is a smart approach that’ll create a stronger appeal. Mixing together both “wants” and “needs” make for a rock solid marketing plan.

The travel industry is a resilient one and it’s partly because eventually, people will travel – even in tough economies.
I saw it happen when we road out the recession together in 2008 +. People still took vacations – eventually.
If hospitality isn’t the best, it is damn sure one of the best industries to be a part of.
If you’ve ever needed an excuse to take a vacation – this article should make you want to plan that next getaway. If you’re like me it’ll make you fall in love with what you do even more.

Social Media Marketing Examples You Can Use


I’ve researched stacks of statistics and studies and I’m sharing several of the reports about the true benefits of travel in this post.

As a marketer, you’ll want to massage this information into your sales and marketing messages.

I’ve created the graphics below to show you some of the style and personality you can have on social media.

This is the type of stuff I create for my clients to share on their social media channels.

This type of factual marketing material helps travelers to get in touch with the importance of traveling.

I understand how difficult it is to come up with content that’s why I shared these with you.

Please feel free to use these in your social media marketing campaigns.

You have 7 days of content if you post one a day. I hope they help you get more likes, shares and convince more people of the importance of taking a vacation.

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