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The Dream Ticket

Each month Jay asks me a question and you, his readers, get to see my thoughts on the matter.
This month he asked “What is the one, absolute, best tip you can offer to any owner”

He never makes it easy.

There are so many areas where I could recommend that you make a tweak here or there but rating one tip above all others is no simple matter.

So I made myself a pot of coffee and started to think about what constitutes the dream ticket when it comes to the ultimate holiday rental marketing tip.

Anyway here it is, not so much the marketing dream ticket as selling tickets with dream marketing.

The key to all successful marketing is understanding the market and in this case understanding the travel market as that’s the sector we’re in.

Here’s the part of the market that we need to understand in particular,
Research shows that there are 5 stages to travel – They are;

1. Dreaming   2. Planning  3. Booking   4. Experiencing and  5. Sharing

So if you are going to start selling travel you need to start at the beginning of this quintessential quintet – you need to start selling dreams.

Sit back for a moment and think about your own dream holiday –
You may well start thinking about turquoise seas, blue skies and white sandy beaches.
Maybe you yearn toward a poolside lounger and a good book or crisp, fresh, snow and a ski lift.
Perhaps your vision is of a family trip to Disney or a romantic week for two in Venice.

Why am I saying this?

Here’s the heads up, if you re-read those dreams you will notice that our dreams do not include the building that we may be staying in while on our dream holiday.
The process of “where to stay” falls into the planing aspect of our holidays, it comes after the “dreaming” aspect.

Another way of looking at this is…

There are only two stages of travel that take place prior to booking.
So…  it would be pretty stupid to ignore one of these phases.

Want more bookings? – Dream on…

This dream portion of the travel process is completely ignored by 99% of holiday rental owners.

So, wait for it, here’s my one, absolute, best tip for any owner…
Show the dream stage and move into the top 1% of marketeers.

If you alter your marketing material to show a sun lounger and a best selling paperback or a photo of a Disney attraction you short circuit the dreaming and planning stages, you fuse these thoughts together and the result forms a subliminal link between the potential guests dream and your holiday property.
Create this subconscious link and you instantly get more bookings.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it.

If you own a property near the beach show the beach, maybe with a couple walking hand in hand.

Got a place in Venice? Show a gondola trip.

Do you have a chalet in Whistler? How about showing some family fun?

I bought these stock images from and they cost around a dollar a pop

Are you showing the dream ticket to your potential guests?

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