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google adwords coupon code

 ( although the image looks like me it isn’t)

Have you wanted to advertise your vacation rental on Google?

If you would like to see your vacation rental on the top of Google’s search engine results in seconds, try using Google Adwords. It really is possible for your vacation rental property to be seen in the top of Google’s search results in seconds, but you have to pay Google to get you there.

I do have a way you can try Google Adwords advertising with $100 ( one huunndred dollars)  in free Google Adwords coupon. Google Adwords is a powerful advertising platform created by Google for Google users (and that’s just about everyone).

You’ve seen those ads on the top of the Google search results page, after you’ve typed in a set of keywords in Google’s search bar. Now, imagine your vacation rental’s website being at the very top of the Google search results, when a traveler searches for a vacation rental where your property is located. Can you say…. cha ching!

Since Google is the most popular search engine, your vacation rental home can be seen by millions in minutes.

If you haven’t tried Google Adwords now is your chance to try Google Adwords for free.

For a limited time Google is offering advertisers a free, $100 advertising credit to help vacationers find your vacation rental business.

Here is a Google Adword code that’s good until June 30th 63YD7-PVUN7-E6TC

If you found this vacation rental marketing blog after June 30th simply call this phone number 1-800-903-0274. If you ask for a Google Advertising coupon a Google representative will often provide one via email following your request.

You can sign up to Google Adwords here

If you use Gmail you can easily sign into Google Adwords by logging into your Gmail account. Once you’ve logged into Google Adwords you will be prompted with instructions to get you started with Google Adwords. Upon setting up your Adwords account you will be given an option to enter a promo code and wa-la you have $100 free Google Advertising credit.


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