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vacation rental domain name

1 super easy domain name tip to boost a holiday rental website in 5 minutes!

This is a quick domain name tip that will help you push your holiday rental website to rank higher with search engines like Google. Google is the great “judge” of your website. Google scrutinizes everything about your website and they basically score it within their system.

There are a bunch of ways your website can hurt or help your Google ranking and its all in the details. Google has a secret formula it uses to judge your site. I’m exposing one of their judging factors so you can use it to help your website rank better in Google search results.

This little website and domain name tip is easy and cheap to do, so there is no excuses why you shouldn’t implement this right away for your holiday home website. It’s been known that Google looks at the age of your website domain name but did you know: Google looks at how long a website domain name is registered?


When you buy a domain name from lets say..Godaddy you have the option to buy it for one or multiple years. Most holiday rental websites register their domain name one year at a time but they should really cough up a few bucks more and extend their domain name registration for 3 years or more. There are an abundance of websites that pop up then shortly disappear off the face of the earth.


How does Google know your holiday rental website isn’t just another one hit wonder?


Extending your domain name registration for several years tells Google you plan on sticking around for awhile. Only a company who plans on being around will pay the extra money for an extended domain name registration, at least that is how Google sees it.


If you didn’t register your domain name for multiple years you can easily do it by either logging into your domain name account or contact the company directly and they can usually handle the request for you. By no means is this little tip the solution to all your holiday rental website marketing efforts but it is an element combined with other strategies that will help Google rank your website higher. That is what getting your holiday rental website to rank is all about the small adjustments that lead to big results.

Go out and do it today!


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