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Domain Names & Holiday Home Advertising How To Advertise Your Website

Earlier this year we wrote about the importance of finding the best domain name for your villa websites. We also touched on domain names and their affect on your holiday home advertising and online website marketing. You can use domain names for more than just your main vacation website domain name.  Lets say that you have already picked out a good domain name for your vacation rental website and let us assume that it has the perfect keywords within it and it fits well with your project. Now what else would you do with more website domain names?

Using more than one domain name can actually help you generate traffic to your holiday rental websites when you implement the proper techniques. There are right ways to do this and there are wrong ways to use website domain names in your advertising.  Search engine are particular about how you use domain names for your holiday rental websites. Many people and marketers have abused domain name marketing so search engines have placed strict guidelines on what is acceptable uses of domain names. The first thing you will want to do is conduct keywords research for important keywords that will drive traffic to your holiday rentals website.  You will want to make sure that you are not wasting your efforts with keywords that generate low amounts of traffic or that are too hard for you to compete with or you may even select keywords that will drive in the wrong website traffic. Here is an example lets take the words Holiday Rental Website you may have a  holiday rental website but these types of  keywords may be  too broad for you single rental property in Hawaii so although a keywords might sound good in theory we need to evalaute the estimated traffic that will be generated from the keywords, so start with keyword research to draw in the right audience.

So you have done your research and have a list of good keywords to drive more traffic to your holiday homes website and improve your overall holiday home advertising.  You can purchase a couple of extra domain names and point theme to your holiday rental website pages.  You should point these domain names to pages in your holiday rentals website that have these keywords within the copy of the pages. If your copy does not have these keywords in them you will want to rewrite your copy so your text is laced with these marketing keywords. Before you adjust your content these is an important step that needs not to be ignored which is called your keyword density. We will discuss keyword density in greater detail in another article we will post in our blog. But back to using domain names for advertising domain names with the right keywords will help your website be found on the web and on search engines like Google  for more keywords than what you start with. In our next article we will tell you how exactly to point your website domain to your vacation rental website pages to ensure it’s done right. We will also show you how to get those new domain names on your rental website to get registered with  Google quickly

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