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Vacation Rental Website & Email Software

In this video I’ve developed for you, you’ll learn how to double your bookings by becoming a double agent. The tools in this video allow you to spy on travelers and understand how potential guests interact with your emails, marketing, website and communications. My favorite part about this website software and the email tools that I mention in the video is all but one of them are completely free.

Why should you set up a secret spy center?

Have you sent out an email in response to an inquiry and ever wondered if anyone received it? Did they open it? Why didn’t they respond? Are they interested in renting my vacation rental? You can now know those questions that were just impossible to know before, unless your potential renters responded to your email.

Still need more reasons to set up your website and email spy center?

Would you like to know if the vacation rental listings and marketing you’re paying for is delivering interested renters? These impressive tools and vacation rental website software will reveal that and more for free.

You can expose weaknesses in your presentation, websites and emails correspondence. Potential renters aren’t going to tell you that your stuff is lame but their behavior will. With this new knowledge you can uncover how to adjust your email responses and effectively gauge which type of emails you send out get the most replies. You can often make more money in your business by just tweaking and improving on what you already have. Are you maximizing the results of your rental advertising dollars? If I were to sit down with you for a few moments I am sure I can point out several ways you can get more punch out of what you’re currently doing. But since I couldn’t possibly sit down with everyone I have created this video to show you 4 tools to setup your secret spy center.

But is spying on your travelers OK for the greater good, yes I’d say definitely. The point of spying on your travelers is to improve your business and services for your customers. If you know what clients want and like you can give them more of it. What do you think?

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