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Today’s the big day! I am going to share with you what the Vacation Rental Expert Panel has been working on for Wendy Jackson.

As you know, myself and the panel have a series together called The Great Escape in which we provided advice on how to increase vacation rental bookings. But before we get to the big reveal, be sure to catch up with the series below!

The Great Cape Escape – Episode #1 – Vacation Rental Photography Tips and Tricks

Tyann Marcink – Vacation Rental Photographer shares her tips and tricks

tyann marcink vacation rental photographer

The Great Cape Escape: Episode #2 Do’s and Don’ts in Interior Design 

Mercedes Brennan the best vacation rental interior designer shares the do’s and don’t of interior design.

mercedes brennan interior design for vacation rentals

The Great Cape Escape: Episode #3 – Web Design Mistakes That Greatly Affect The Websites

Jay William examines Wendy’s website and exposes dozens of vacation rental web site problems many owners are guilty of.

design a vacation rental website reviews

The Great Cape Escape: Episode #4 – The Big Reveal

And it comes to this! The big reveal is the portion of the show where we show you the new website that was designed for The Cape Escape vacation rental company.

In this video I share some ridicoulusly effective secrets of mine that I normally charge for, free of charge. If you incorporate the website design and conversion strategies I’ve demonstrated in this video, you’ll no doubt sqeeze more bookings out of your rental website and marketing.



We hope you enjoyed this series and we look forward to hearing your feedback. But it doesn’t end here!

If you’d like for the Vacation Rental Expert Panel to give you a one on one free consultation and show you how to make more bookings and solve those problems you’re having with your rental busines add your property here for free vacation rental marketing help.




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