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vacation rental floor plans


You have a great vacation rental right? Why not let vacationers know how nice your vacation home really is, with an interactive floor plan of your vacation rental.  If you have an interactive floor plan designed for your vacation rental property you can accurately present your property to would be vacationers.

Pictures alone don’t tell the whole story about your vacation home. A floor plan will give them the information they really want to know. The birds eye view of the property helps travelers to become accustom to your vacation home.

What’s the first thing you do when you have a new welcomed visitor to your home? Tell them to come on in and you show them around. That’s exactly what an interactive floor plan will do for your vacation home website.

(You can see how an interactive floor plan works by clicking here

If you have an interactive floor plan you can increase the time a renter will engage with your vacation home. Of course, the longer a visitor spends on your website the more investment of time they spend with your vacation rental business. The more time they spend on your vacation rental website the better your chances are, of getting them to invest their money and make a reservation.

After all who takes the time to invest in their vacation rental? Owners who are serious about their rental business, that’s who! This touch of professionalism will also translate to your vacationers and build confidence in your vacation rental’s brand.

Since pictures are the first thing a traveler looks for when they are considering a vacation home, an interactive floor plan is a great way to captivate your customers attention right from the start.

I’ve included an example of a floor plan we’ve developed for an owner in Formosa Gardens Estates. As you can from the example below, a floor plan was designed to represent the layout of the villa. A visitor to this home owner’s websites can click on any area of the floor plan such as the pool area. When the customer clicks on the pool area an image of the pool will appear with a brief description, this description can have a selling feature mentioned.

A renter using this floor plan can get a really good feel of how the vacation home is laid out and where everything is. Vacationers can begin to imagine themselves in the home and even begin discussing sleeping arrangements or better yet imagining themselves walking out to the pool deck. Whenever you can get your vacationers to dream and imagine themselves in your vacation home, you are moving toward a sale.

If you increase positive engagement with you and your business you’ll increase your bookings. The idea here is to capture the attention of your visitors, make them stay longer, learn more and want it even more!

Create your own floor plan designed specifically for your vacation home website and you’ll welcome more vacationers in.

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