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2014 vacation rental marketing wrecking ball

 Bust Into Your 2014 Vacation Rental Marketing Like A Wrecking Ball

How has 2013 treated you? If its been well, be thankful and enjoy it but could 2013 have been even just a wee bit better for you? Did your 2013 fall flat or fizzle out? If this rings true with you, it is now your chance to change it. 


Make your 2014 a life enhancing year!

How do you enhance your life? Increased knowledge! Knowledge is the key to everything!

I got together with my wife back in 1995 and I wish I had the knowledge I had now, back then. It took me a long time to learn that she is the boss! Once I learned that, my life became much easier.

With the right knowledge you can make your life easier, avoid serious problems, achieve more and live a happier life!

If I can influence the lives of my subscribers (even in a small way) and help to make your life happier and more fulfilled it makes this whole thing meaningful.

Thats why I’m starting you off with the industry’s best tools and resources for FREE to help you break through 2014 like a wrecking ball!


FREE Guide To Get Your Vacation Rental Photography Right!

We have a special guest this week! This guy has truly blessed us all with brilliant vacation rental photography tips to help give travelers a clearer picture with a visual experience. Without further ado welcome Alan Egan and his generous contribution to the community. Seriously, this guy is a VR photography genius and normally charges for this valuable and insightful information. Read Alan Egan’s 10 PRO Tips “Snow White or Sleeping Beauty?”

Get Your FREE Vacation Rental Marketing Handbook

The first place to start is with your must have, vacation rental marketing handbook to help you with every aspect of your VR marketing.

What’s The Deal With The FREE ebook? I Want Mine (Only Days Left) This book is packed with tons of tips to help you crush the competition and it’s now FREE (limited time only)!

Win A FREE Vacation Rental Website & Marketing Campaign

As you may know myself, Jay William & Matt Landau have teamed up and we are starting our joint venture with something that is off our rocker crazy! Villa Marketers is providing a FREE website to one ridiculously lucky owner/manager as part of a FREE vacation rental marketing campaign, thats right free  website and marketing???? What??? Check it out here on my good buddy Matt’s Vacation Rental Marketing Blog.

How To Make More Bookings Than Before

A booking is just a sale and if you’d like to make 2014 a record breaking year you gotta sharpen your sales skills. What if you could convince more people who inquire to book, could that help your occupancy without any extra marketing dollars? Sales is an aspect that is neglected by 8 out of 10 vacation rental companies. Become a part of the elite 20% of top performing vacation rental owners and understand what you really are > Sales Training For Vacation Rental Owners Sell Like A Salesman

Learn how to use selling and marketing together . Selling Vs Marketing What The Heck Is The difference?

Branding Your Vacation Rental Business

If you haven’t begun to develop a brand for your vacation rental business you’re getting lost in the sea of rentals that are out there. What does that mean, branding? Here are a few articles about branding and marketing to help you get on track.

Jay The Bald Guy” The Most Hated Salesman

Why Branding Is Important To Your VR Marketing

Increase Your Vacation Rental Website Search Engine Traffic (SEO)

Have a website and need traffic? This FREE (notice a theme here?) VIDEO Blog is for you! Increase Your Vacation Rental Website Results By 97% 

Take Just 5 Minutes To Improve Your Website In Google

Tweak Your Vacation Rental Advertising

Touch up your vacation rental listings and other advertisements “sell” it better and you will get more attention and you guessed it, more bookings.

7 Tips To Improve Your Vacation Rental Listings 

You Can Do It!

If your year hasn’t been so great or you are just getting things started you may need a pep talk, to help you light up the fire you have inside you.

 How Small Property Companies Compete In The Big Vacation Rental Business

If you need any help at all please feel free to reach out to us.