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Best WordPress Vacation Rental Website Designs

WordPress is the most robust and dynamic platform for designing a vacation rental website. That’s why 25% of the world’s population uses WordPress and why you should too. Since it becomes an asset your business will own, WordPress helps you to develop your listing site independence.

Honestly, if you’re not using WordPress, you’re at a disadvantage compared to owners and managers who are. You just won’t have access to plugins and the marketing tools WordPress users have. Since WordPress is so popular, it’s constantly evolving. People are always building something new for it.  WordPress is one of the largest online communities making the platform heavily supported.

I explained why the best vacation rental websites are designed with WordPress, in my new and free ebook “THE BREAKAWAY KIT.” In the book, I shared 28 power-tools that work together with your WordPress website. The tools help you develop your own bookings and break away from vacation rental listing sites.

I use WordPress to design all my own websites and the sites of my clients. Why? Simple – because I want access to the best tools available. Unlike the problems of using vacation rental website builders, WordPress lets you leverage the best marketing tools on the planet.

WordPress really has unlimited benefits, but today I’m going to talk about one big benefit – the control to fully customize your design. 

Vacation Rental Website Design and Branding

While you can create a vacation rental website using an out of the box WordPress theme or template, I don’t recommend it. 

You’ll want to customize the theme to improve your branding and marketing power. A website that looks polished and well designed, speaks to travelers at the subconscious level. Does your website look boxy, clunky, fuzzy or outdated?

The appearance of your website is a representation of your brand, so when your site doesn’t look polished, your business doesn’t.  A well-thought-out design can improve interaction, perceived value, credibility, brand messaging and create a unique identity for your brand. Luckily, WordPress gives us that full control to tweak the design of our sites.

Remember, first impressions are important and people buy with their eyes! It’s imperative to make your website visually appealing. But still, it’s not enough to have an amazing looking website!

Designing Your Website With Conversion In Mind

You should also design your website in a way that it doesn’t just look nice, but it also captures leads. Your site should act like a Venus Fly Trap. When a fly (lead) lands on your website, your site should capture that lead, like a Venus Flytrap, preventing people from leavingwithout inquiring

If people aren’t inquiring from your website, if you seem to be spending too much on Adwords, or you’re just not getting enough interest, these can be signs that design and conversion are working against you. Often pretty sites perform poorly.


vacation rental wordpress websites design for conversion flytrap venusHave a look at your website, is it designed like a Venus Fly Trap?

So, what does a well-branded highly converting vacation rental website look like? 

I ‘d like to show you a few of the best vacation rental website themes we’ve designed with WordPress.

Hopefully, they’ll spark ideas for designing your website.




10 Custom WordPress Vacation Rental Website Themes & Design Examples


Below are 10 examples of WordPress websites I’ve designed. Each site was developed based on the clients, needs, preference, and branding. You may recognize a few of these companies from the post I wrote about creating a vacation rental logo with purpose.

Hope you enjoy and learn from them. If you need help or pointers reach out to me I’d be happy to offer my advice.


1. Las Vegas Villa Rental





2. Anna Maria Beach Condo








3. Atenas Vacation Villas






4. The Timeshare Brokers





5. Aloha Beach Vacations






6. Maine by The Water





7. Branson Vacation Rental Cabins







8. My Florida Vacation Home






9. Asheville Moutain Lodging






10. Cape Escape Chatham