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Best Free Vacation Rental Website Marketing Tool

Best Free Vacation Rental Website Marketing Tools

There are some really powerful tools that truly help owners make more vacation rental bookings. I am about to share one of the best free vacation rental website marketing tools on the market today. There is only one other tool more powerful than the one I’m going to mention and that tool is your own vacation rentals website.

But what if your vacation rental’s website stinks?

The only way you would disagree with the power of a personal property website is if your vacation rental website isn’t performing well for you.

No worries, today we’ve got some help for even the crummiest of vacation rental websites.

The reason your vacation rental website is not generating inquires could be a result of several failures like the design of the website, the ease of navigation on the site and calls to action. Almost all the vacation rental websites I look at fail to convert well in one way or another. There is a science to converting a website visitor into an inquiry and ultimately a booking. There is a path you want to lead your website visitor down and that path is usually to the order page or the contact page.

A websites conversion is often overlooked by vacation rental owners. Conversion is of the utmost importance, you have to convert your website visitors into customers or at least inquiries or else what’s the point of marketing.

If your vacation rental site does not covert visitors into customers you’re throwing away your vacation rental marketing dollars. No use in sending travelers to your VR website if they won’t buy or inquire there. Are you losing some of your vacation rental websites power?

Only the best vacation rental owners get their leads and bookings from their vacation rentals website, the others pay premium commissions and rely on expensive listings. I believe those “elite owners” get bookings from their website because they read vacation rental marketing blogs like this one to improve their return on their investment properties. They want to do the best with the vacation rental marketing tools they’ve got; those are owners who I respect a lot. They are about their business; they’ve invested in a property and are committed to it, hats off to those of you (you know who you are).

As a reward for their dedication and hard work every now and then they learn of a game changing vacation rental marketing secret, today is that day. This vacation rental marketing tool is one that I use myself on several vacation rental sites for many different reasons. This single marketing tool can have a huge impact on your vacation rental bookings, income and communication.


Today’s “Best Free Vacation Rental Website Marketing Tool” is Olark


olark website marketing tool


Olark is an easy to use website tool that is really intuitive and helps your website convert more visitors into actual bookings.


The website tool does this by making it easy for travelers to communicate with you directly from your site. So owners with vacation rental websites that are confusing and under performing can benefit immensely from this website tool.


It works with several email services I use it with Gmail. It is installed in my rental sites and when a visitor has a question they can type it into a chat box and then like magic their question pops up in a Gmail chat window. I can see when someone is on the website in real time. Its insightful to see what website visitors do on your site as they do it.



I now have open communication with a traveler who is one my vacation rental website wanting to know more information. There is nothing better than having the potential renter on your website looking at your images while you service them and sell your property features and benefits.


vacation rental website marketing tool

This website tool is way cool and maybe just a bit creepy for some. The Olark website tool will tell you a lot about the person who is on your vacation rental website. It will enlighten you with information like where the visitor is from, how long they’re on the site and what page they are on as well as what pages they’ve visited. You can send website visitors links to other sections of the sites to lead them to pictures or information, right within the chat window.

Since Olark is hooked up to my Gmail account I can also get instant messages on my phone or tablet. I get the inquiry as it is happening on the go and no matter where I am. By responding to your travelers inquiries quickly you increase the chances of making a booking by over 50%

If you notice on the left hand of my blog it is installed using the call to action “contact us” (in red). If you are not available visitors can leave a message for you with their contact details. You can change the color and even use different seasonal themes like Christmas.

The best part about this website tool is its free to use on your vacation rental website.

The tool is amazing and every owner should use it. I believe it is one of the best free vacation rental website marketing tools.


Go there today and get it for your vacation rentals website.


If you need help installing this feature on your vacation rentals website we will gladly do it for you for free, just ask.


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