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real miracles do happen

Over the past weeks I’ve been going through a really tough spot in life. But just a few weeks ago I had been so happy about welcoming our newest baby girl Kylie to the family, I thought nothing could bring me down from this high….but sometimes life blindsides you and hits you with intense pain out of no where, has that ever happened to you?


That’s exactly what happened to me one Monday morning. I woke up rubbed my eyes and looked over to my wife, she immediately tells me some really bad news but I couldn’t make out what she said.



She spoke so quickly… like she had been eagerly waiting for me to wake up to tell me.


I replied to her by saying “What?” she then repeated words I didn’t want to hear…. “Pastor had a heart attack last night” as she choked on her tears.


He’s the guy who married us and a friend to the whole family so he meant a lot to us.


I was totally shocked to hear this terrible news and didn’t know how to deal with it at first. I mean he’s one of those rare people you have the privilege of knowing in life and I felt an incredible loss.


He is one that gives selflessly of himself and is always there for you when you need a friend, without expecting anything in return.


After waking up I had received several updates from my cousin of what had happened. The doctors explained to the family that he is on life support and isn’t going to make it.



After the feelings soaked in and I really understood what was happening, I couldn’t hold back the tears and I started to cry for my good friend and his family.



My mind began to reflect on his life and the good times we had. Immediately my thoughts went to a 7 day Caribbean cruise his family and our family had taken together a few years back, it was a crazy good time.



Later on that day I realized that what we do (you and I)  in the vacation rental industry is much more important than we sometimes realize.


When we pass away and one day it will happen to me and you. The things our families and friends are left with that mean something are not the material things but instead the memories!


And I want to encourage anyone who is having doubts about what they’re doing or has been caught up in the day to day business of renting vacation rentals….. remember….what you’re doing is really important!


You help save marriages, build stronger relationships for families, bring good friends together and maybe even make it easier for families to say goodbye.


My friend and property owner Jacqui recently shared with me that a family rented out her property to spend time with their mother who was dying.


She explained to me that the family thanked her for the wonderful and peaceful time they enjoyed together at her property before leaving. I was touched by hearing her story.


Imagine what that memory is going to mean for that family and how long it’ll last in their minds…. The story she told reminded me about the big responsibility we have as vacation rental agents. It gave me a snapshot of the bigger picture and I hope it does for you as well.


Back to my friend Luis’s story, we eventually found out that he had suffered 4 strokes and 2 heart attacks and the doctors said he was brain-dead and that there was no coming back from that.


Against all odds we were hoping for a miracle and thought we were moving in that direction because when I went to see him I walked in the room and said “hey Pastor”……..he opened one eye, I was super excited to see that….. but doctors crushed any hope we had by saying…. those movements are just involuntary reactions he is having…. he’s brain-dead.


Well the doctors were astonished when after 10 days or so Luis woke up! Today I am happy to report that he is up, talking, moving, eating and breathing on his own. I hear that he was laughing today!!


There were hundreds maybe thousands of people sending up their prayers and I believe wholeheartedly it was a miracle.


Don’t believe the naysayers of life, don’t listen to the haters or negative people who say its impossible! Keep positive… keep the faith!


Hebrews 11:1

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


With all the bad stuff we hear in the news  today I wanted to share this situation with you and bring a little hope for whatever tough times you may be going through now or in the future. There is hope!


What you do for people as a facilitator of great memories, is one of the most valuable things you can do in people’s lives! You should be proud to be a professional vacation rental agent, I know I am!


If you believe in miracles and thought this story was inspiring please like and share this page.


Life is a miracle!!! Live Epic!!

miracle story they really happen


  • Adrienne says:

    Hi JW, its AW here 🙂

    You, my friend, are an eyewitness to the love and mercy of God!

    Luis’ story is a perfect example of how God can use any situation for good and for His Glory. Just think of how many hearts has God drawn to Himself through the healing of Luis, And through your witness. (goosebumps!)

    Thank you for sharing the Good News!


    ps – recognize that domain name?!

  • Jay William says:

    Hey AW!

    You know sometimes you doubt miracles and I must be honest I had my moments but…. GOD!!!

    I live life now believing fully in the miraculous! I had second thoughts of sharing this blog because its a rule of business to not discuss God or politics ….. but I’m a rebel!!!!

    I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

    Ps. I do recognize that domain name…. I’m glad I could be a part of helping you secure such a great SEO domain name!

  • Jay so happy to hear about your long time friend, hope he continues to do well. Your post really hit home too, I can’t agree more with you when you talk about all the memories and life experiences we get to help build for people. It is very important, thank you again for your really nice post.

  • Sometimes its hard to think of going on vacation when times are tough but it can be a way for people to reconnect and temporarily forget what is happening.

    I too have witnessed the power of prayer, its amazing when people come together and collectively pray for someone’s healing. Thousands of people who don’t even know each other!

    As with Jay’s story, there are many many more people who can tell you that miracles do happen and we must never give up hope!

  • Darla says:

    Jay, So glad to hear your friend is recovering!

    I also have had three different occasions where my guests have told me they were renting one of my cabins to spend time with a family member that was terminally ill. They create precious memories that will be priceless for them!

    We should take that responsibility seriously and be honored that they chose our property!


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