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vacation & travel post card design



A marketing tool I recommend you use in your vacation rental business to increase awareness, interaction, sales and customer satisfaction is a vacation  postcard to help promote your property.


Create a post card?

I know its sounds simple but think about it. Placing some well designed vacation rental post cards within your property and offering them for free for your guests will create more interaction with other people and your property.


Your vacation post cards could have a picture of the biggest attraction in your area on the front and or back of the post card. Whatever you design make certain, it’s appealing to the majority of your travelers. You shouldn’t make a boring post card with just pictures of your vacation home, think “souvenir”, and make the post card interesting and shareable.


When designing a post card for your vacation rental, it’s a good idea to include pictures of the major attractions in the area. You’ll also want to include a picture of your home/pool/resort adding your rentals biggest visual selling features but don’t over do it. With the right designer you could create a really cool yet professional looking post card that travelers would embrace and hold onto for years.


Guests will love the free post cards you provide for them because a post card is something travelers will often purchase while on a vacation. Yeah, it’s an extra expense for you but any successful business has its fair share of expenses and this one can help you get new bookings from your not so new guests. Besides, the cost to design post cards as part of vacation rental marketing plan is very minimal. The trick with marketing is to invest your money wisely into your business and your customers.


Think about the post card for a moment. The point of a post card is to send it to someone else. A brochure for your vacation rental is also a good idea but the post card does something a little different than a brochure.  A post card tells someone else “hey look at me” “look at where I’m at” and where are they at? Your vacation home; that’s where! Let your guests brag about your place and where they’ve been because travelers love to brag, so help them do it. A post card with a clever design and marketing message can help your property get booked.


Include your vacation rentals website address and your contact details on the post card. However your branding and information should be placed strategically on the post card, the marketing approach here is soft, so your details shouldn’t be “in your face”. The post card shouldn’t look like an advertisement, of course that’s exactly what it is; it’s just cleverly disguised as a souvenir.


In all of your advertising be sure to include a call to action. Your post cards can double as a simple brochure that can be mailed out or given to people you know and prospects, further impacting the power of your vacation rentals advertising.


Want To Create an Amazing Selling Tool For Your Vacation Rental?


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