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A domain is the place a business’s website calls home. It will be your “domain.” If you want to rule your domain, then you have to start with a good website domain name.

You’ve seen and heard different website domain names. Some, I’m sure, were very strange, while others were straight to the point. In this book, we will discuss dozens of domain name strategies you can harness to better promote and advertise your rental business.

If you’re working with a modest marketing budget, then you’ll need to focus most of your resources on generating “organic,” or free, traffic from search engines like Google. In this guide, I’ll teach you techniques I use to successfully funnel traffic to a website by tapping into preexisting sources.


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Why Do You Need This Information?

Interesting Fact: People find choosing a domain name harder than choosing their baby’s name.

I am fortunate to be able to work with some of our clients at the inception of their businesses, in many cases, before they’ve established their website and business names. One day, a client asked me what would be the best domain name for her vacation rental business.

She presented to me several domain name options she had been thinking about.

After reviewing them, I quickly saw she was about to make some big branding and marketing mistakes. So, I began to write an email to her with some suggestions, but the email turned into this book. That ended up happening because I wanted her to avoid as many mistakes as possible, while also letting her in on techniques that have worked for hundreds of owners I’ve helped.

As I began to write down my concerns with her selection of domain names, I realized there is much more to this topic than meets the eye. I realized that this is highly valuable information and that there are many canyons and crevices to navigate when you begin to discuss domain names. It became clear to me why so many of us pick the wrong type of domain name. That’s why I decided to create this domain name, branding and marketing guide. As you will read, you’ll see how they are all connected.

What I’m sharing isn’t something I read somewhere or ideas I think work. I’ve tested these techniques many times over many years, and I back it up with real case studies and results.

One of the most critical mistakes people make is that many of them just buy a domain name and don’t think enough about it. They don’t connect all the dots. They don’t think through how their domain name will affect their branding, marketing and the big one: bookings. So, why should you carefully consider your domain name strategy?

Your website’s name is an extremely important factor that will end up affecting your online presence, so you’ll need to get it right. That’s why I want to give you the best information I can. There are a couple rules of thumb you should consider with domain names.

By following these techniques and best practices, you’ll be able to yield higher marketing returns as a result of increased conversion from very targeted visitors.

You’ll also achieve higher visibility in organic search results with less competition by focusing on a targeted, more narrow yet fruitful and less harvested field. I’ll explain how that works, the secrets I’ve learned, and the do’s and dont’s of domain names.


Download Complete Ebook For Free!