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Marketing California Vacation Rentals

If you own a vacation rental in California you already know there is plenty of competition when it comes to the supply of accommodations. That is why you need to get creative when advertising your California vacation rentals. I can’t say this enough times ” a vacation is about the experience!” A vacation is not about your vacation rental or some hotel room, its about the travelers experience.  You’ll help yourself if you help travelers experience the city or town their visiting. .A vacation is about the laughs, the fun, the best food and of course the best wine. Is your vacation rental in California near wine country or a wine making facility? Your home doesn’t have to be down the road from a vineyard to benefit from the vineyards marketability. But if your vacation rentals are down the road even more reason why you should read on.

Did you know?

There are 20 million travelers who are traveling to California wine regions every year?

Are you tapping into these 20 million California travelers? If you haven’t been you’ve been missing the boat.

Even if your vacation rental is in San Fransisco CA. you can still promote your property to those 20 million travelers.  San Fransisco is only about an hour north of Napa Valley which is a reasonable traveling distance for an excursion out to wine country for the day. There are high seasons when travelers need to make their reservations for popular areas like Napa Valley months in advance in order get a reservation. This means a vacation rental owner with a property on the outskirts of wine country can capitalize and capture those travelers who need a place to stay when there is very limited or no availability. However if you don’t consciously target these folks in your marketing strategy they will likely never find you online.

If you use this idea in your vacation rental marketing plan you can help keep your California vacation rental booked in the slower seasons. Heres how: in north America children head back to school from their Summer break by September. When the high season summer months have come to an end so do the inquires for alot of vacation rental home owners. You don’t have to accept this to be the norm for your California vacation rental. By advertising your vacation rentals to wine enthusiast you can fill up those traditionally slower months like September and October. Although Napa Valley is popular to visit throughout the year it happens to be that in Napa Valley the busiest time of the year is September and October. Everyone wants to see the grapes in full production and take tours of wine-making facilities. If your vacation rental in Ca. isn’t fully booked in your slower seasons this marketing tip will help reduce the number of vacancies you have for your rental property.

You can reach out to these California travelers by offering a discount or include a tour to a facility or wine tasting event. This can also help you get more bookings from travelers who weren’t planning on visiting the wine country but because of your offer, now want to and there is where you’ve got them sold on renting your place. Your offer is not likely being matched by the vacation rental owner next door to yours. Vacation rental owners who squeeze the most out of their vacation rental marketing plan do the best but to be frank the majority of owners don’t do enough to market their properties.

vacation rental marketing for claifornia rentals near wine countryWhen you advertise a vacation rental in California you can use the allure of the beautiful scenery and unique wine blends that California wine country offers as a selling feature. Imagine the sales impact the beautiful images of the vineyards will have on your website visitors. When you advertise vacation rentals n this fashion you begin to paint a picture of what the benefits are of booking your vacation home. They begin to experience what it could be like when they book with you. When travelers start envisioning themselves in the picture of the vineyards you are on your way to properly “selling” your rental property to potential guests. You can tell them a little about the history and the most popular excursions, what wines are unique to the area and why so many other travelers love visiting the vineyards right on your vacation rental website and listings.

In California there are several other wine regions that may be close to your vacation rental. Do the research and see if there are wine facilities within driving distance to your vacation home. If there is put your marketing hat on and start getting creative with your vacation rental advertisements.

California’s wine regions are in 5 general areas which makes it likely that your California vacation rental is located near one.

Here are the 5 wine regions in California you can consider researching

North Coast – Includes most Notable wine regions such as Napa Valley and Sonoma County and the smaller sub AVAs within them. Mendocino and Lake County are also part of this region.
Central Coast – Includes most of the Central Coast of California and the area south and west of San Francisco Bay down to Santa Barbara County. The large Central Coast AVA covers the region. Notable wine regions in this area include Santa Clara Valley AVA, Santa Cruz Mountains AVA, San Lucas AVA, Paso Robles AVA, Santa Maria Valley AVA, Santa Ynez Valley and Livermore Valley AVA.
South Coast – Includes portion of Southern California, namely the coastal regions south of Los Angeles down to the border with Mexico. Notable wine regions in this area include Temecula Valley AVA, Antelope Valley/Leona Valley AVA, San Pasqual Valley AVA and Ramona Valley AVA.
Central Valley – Includes California’s Central Valley
Sierra Foothills ( review map above for locations)

Start marketing California vacation rentals the right way. If you need help contact Villa Marketers today